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Yoda Soccer is a football game for PC based on Sensible World of Soccer, a famous title of the 90's. Enjoy this renovated version of the classic SWOS


Enhanced remake of Sensible World of Soccer

October 2, 2012
8 / 10

During the decade of the 90's football games evolved around a unique name: Sensible World of Soccer. This title offered exceptional playability, a large amount of teams to choose from and a top view that was a complete success. Yoda Soccer is a free remake distributed under the GPL license, recovering all the things that made this such a great game, as well as adding some features that people missed in SWOS.


  • Football game based on Sensible World Of Soccer.
  • Excellent playability, with simplified controls full of possibilities.
  • Simple graphics with a characteristic top view of the matches.
  • Large amount of teams that can be increased by importing your own databases.
  • Use the internal editor to modify teams and players.

An evolution of SWOS.

Improving the classic game

The developers of Yoda Soccer haven't settled for an exclusive adaptation of the traditional game, because they have evolved certain aspects and added other new features to the classic game.

For example, the graphics has been treated to obtain more detail (the player volleys and overhead kicks have been improved), the amount of players available on each team has increased to 32, there are more weather conditions...

You can even easily expand the database by means of YST files capable of importing the teams available in SWOS 96/97. On the developers' website you can find the conversion tools necessary.

Rediscover one of the most popular football games during the 90's by downloading Yoda Soccer for free.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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