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Yoda is a famous and useful add-on for the Kodi media center that lets you have excellent movies and series to play in your Android device for free

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Virtually, no one on this planet needs to be told about Yoda's role in Star Wars as the mentor of Luke Skywalker and an inexhaustible source of Jedi wisdom. This is more or less what you will find in the add-on for Kodi that bears his name, but substituting Jedi knowledge with series, films, and documentaries.

Enjoy the best audiovisual content in your media center

Thanks to this extension for Kodi, you can enjoy dozens and dozens of movies, TV series episodes, and documentaries that you can play in streaming. All online content is organized through different style categories: genres, languages, platforms they belong to, and such. You just have to scroll through them and choose what you want to watch, tap, and wait a few seconds for the playback to start.

All videos, as you can imagine, are not stored locally but on third-party servers so you will need an active Internet connection. To enjoy it on a big screen, your TV you will need a device like Chromecast if you have not chosen to install Kodi on an Android TV.

Requirements and additional information:
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