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Would you like to control your workout, exercise and resting time from your Android? If so, connect the Yoho Sports app to the compatible activity bracelet

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The number of people who care about their health and fitness is increasing each day. Applications such as Yoho Sports help us manage our daily activity, our sports sessions and even to improve the quality of our sleep. Furthermore, the app also has a motivational function that informs us if we have achieved our goal. As a result, we can adjust our activity to enjoy a healthier life.

The app may help people understand and adjust their daily life and work with more efficiency.

Move and improve your health

To use Yoho Sports, you must synchronize it with your compatible activity bracelet. The bracelet records our movement and rest, and then, that data is transferred to the app so we can analyze the results.

This tool is divided into two main screens. The first screen lets us check our daily activity through the steps we have taken each day (recorded by the bracelet, which is always more effective than our Android's built-in pedometer), the number of kilometers and steps we have taken each week, the distance traveled, and calories burned, as well as our daily goal.

On the other hand, the second screen lets us check how we have slept each night, and the number of hours we have rested per week. On this screen, we can keep a track of our resting time, deep sleep hours, light sleep hours, the number of times we have woken up and our daily goals.

Compared to other apps aimed for professional or amateur athletes, such as Polar or Fitbit, this is a very simple app. However, if you are looking for motivation to get off the couch and move around, this app will do the job.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
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