You TV Player is a good application to view digital content in different languages. Until a few versions ago, we had the possibility of adding new channels. Currently, the latest version available no longer permits the addition of new channels, and therefore, no longer activates them. What happens if you download an older APK? Is it still possible? We have been working on it and unfortunately, when you download an old version of the app, it asks you to upgrade to the latest one. And this is an essential step, without this step, the account is closed and does not allow anything else to be done. This way the developers, for whatever reason, do not allow the user of the application to add new channels or to activate them.

In any case, these are the steps that had to be followed to do so. Perhaps, in the future, this option will be available again, at that time, we will update the information:

  1. First, open the application, and log in according to the chosen form, using your email, Google account, or Facebook.
  2. Once you access the main menu, on the left, was the heading Añadir.
  3. Then, a window was opened in which the channels were added.
  4. The first field had to be completed by typing Tutv, the second one being
  5. By tapping on Aceptar, you already had many more channels available, you just had to tap on them to watch them.

The question of whether this option will be available again in the future will become clearer as new versions of You TV Player appear.