This application offers a good number of channels and options that we can configure at will, and has all the incentives to become a must-have in your application pack. Using this app is very simple because after downloading it from this page and installing it, we have everything we need to enjoy good moments of entertainment.

When we open the app, the screen with the last channels displayed appears by default. Getting to the main menu is very simple, just tap the three stripes at the top and you will have access to the main menu.

How to get to the menuHow to get to the menu

Once in the main menu, you will have access to a world of possibilities. If we slide our finger down and leave behind the 4 functions that appear, (Favorites, Alarms, View on PC, and Help and Support), we have access to the channels that the application has incorporated.

General view of the main menuGeneral view of the main menu

In the Favorites menu, we can save those channels that are of our interest or those that we watch most frequently. To mark a channel as a favorite, we will go to it and tap on the star at the top. Every time we access the Favorites section, we will have it there.

Bookmark a channel as a favoriteBookmark a channel as a favorite

Likewise, a very useful function that we find on the menu is to set an alarm. To do this, select the program you want to watch and tap on it. We will see in the upper right part the symbol of an alarm clock. Tap on it.

Set an alarmSet an alarm

A calendar will open, we set the day we want to play that content.

Choose the day of the alarmChoose the day of the alarm

Then, all that remains is to set the time and the app will let us know the day and time we have chosen and that will be the most convenient for us.

Choose the time of the alarmChoose the time of the alarm

Finally, if we want to be aware of the sports information and that the app warns us when a goal is scored or an interesting issue occurs, we can activate the notifications. To do so, go to the sports event channel and tap on the bell at the top right.

Enable notificationsEnable notifications

A menu appears where you ask the app to notify you when a goal or a top play occurs. Confirm the notifications and you will get those alerts.

Accept notificationsAccept notifications

The channels of the application are organized by the classic categories, such as Open TV, Children, World, or World and Culture. In total, we find 12 different categories.

Channel listChannel list

It will be enough to choose the one we want to watch at that moment and choose some of the available channels.

Selecting a channelSelecting a channel

After that, tap on the play button at the top, and after a few seconds, the contents will start playing.

Playing a channelPlaying a channel

In this way, it is possible to find a wide range of national and international shows, as well as live broadcasts of sporting events. Everything from your own device and with the possibility to launch those contents to a tablet, computer, or TV.

You TV Player is very simple to use, this is enhanced by a friendly and enjoyable interface that is easy to get used to.