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YouTube to GIF is a web application you can use to design animated GIFs based on YouTube videos. Create your own GIF files thanks to YouTube to GIF

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Create your own animated GIFs based on YouTube videos thanks to YouTube to GIF, a web application where you only have to indicate the URL address, the start and end points and the length and total weight of the resulting file.

Create new GIFs in minutes

yt2gif, name with which this webapp is also known, allows you to easily create your own customised GIFs in only a few minutes. The only requirements are that the video has to be public and cannot last more than 10 minutes.

You can share your new GIF on your Facebook profile or on Imgur, a service that hosts images on the cloud. If its size exceeds the size allowed, you will be provided a link to download the file.

Enter YouTube to GIF, a free webapp that makes designing animated GIFs look like child's play.

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