How to change the video quality in YouTube

YouTube is a streaming video service that offers a maximum resolution of 4K. Depending on the stability and speed of our connection, some content is played in lower resolutions. In this way, the display stability is prioritized over the quality of the video. Both in the official Android application and on the web, the company lets us manually adjust the quality we want to watch a video in.

Let us show you how you can change the resolution and quality of a video while it plays. Find any video and tap on it to start playing.

Open a video in YouTubeOpen a video in YouTube

Tap the video display area to show the controls.

Open the controlsOpen the controls

Then, open the three-point menu in the top right corner.

Open the playback menuOpen the playback menu

In the pop-up menu that appears, tap on Quality to define the quality and definition of the content. As you can see on the screenshot, despite being a 4K video, YouTube started playback in 480p.

Open the video quality selectorOpen the video quality selector

From the following list, choose the quality of the video. The options we see here may vary depending on the maximum quality of the video and the screen resolution of our device.

Full list of available resolutionsFull list of available resolutions

Playback will automatically continue at the new selected resolution. You must bear in mind that the higher the resolution and quality, the greater the data consumption. Therefore, avoid using high definition if you are using a limited mobile data plan. This way, you will avoid having your operator limit your connection or unexpected phone bills. You’re better off using higher qualities on WiFi.