YouTubeAssistant is a simple application to download videos from the YouTube website. Download YouTubeAssistant and easily save videos on your computer

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YouTubeAssistant is a useful application with which you can download videos from YouTube in an easy and quick way. YouTubeAssistant will allow you to connect to the YouTube video page, browse the site, search for videos and download them. You will only have to choose the place where the videos will be stored and start downloading.

  When you launch YouTube Assistant a kind of browser will open, by means of which you will be able to see all the contents from the YouTube website. You'll be able to play the videos, perform searches and download the ones that you like most. Thanks to this, you won't need to open the browse, because YouTubeAssistant cover this and other functions. YouTubeAssistant will also allow you to download all the video that are on a specific YouTube channel or a playlist. Thus, you won't have to download the videos one by one.

  YouTubeAssistant has a shortcut that will open the folder where you will save the videos to be able to play them.

  Try YouTubeAssistant and download your videos without any need to open the browser.
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