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Youtubers Life is a simulator for iPhone and iPad in which you can become a famous youtuber. Check out what it's like to live the life a digital star

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At this point, you probably already know how dangerous it is to be a youtuber: not everyone is willing to put up with some of the stupid pranks that these guys play on innocent people. Luckily enough, not all stars of Google's video streaming platforms are idiots and we can come across people that make all sorts of interesting contents: humor, scientific dissemination, tutorials, video game reviews...

No chance of running into a malicious prankster.

So, if you want to be like PewDiPie, despite his recent problems, or any other famous youtubers from all over the world of the likes of TheWillyrex or Ryan Higa with millions of subscribers, you have to train really hard. For the time being, there's no such thing as a college degree or a master of science in YouTube (you never know what may come in the future) so you'll have to resort to Youtubers Life, the iPhone game that's halfway between a tycoon game and a life simulation game similar to The Sims, and in which you'll have to manage your professional career in the world of video streaming.

How to become the trendiest star on YouTube

It's a game that will put you in control of all the elements necessary to broadcast online. Take care of having decent equipment and a good set, but also make sure you follow the latest trends in order to earn the respect of your fans and followers.

  • Create and edit your own videos.
  • Try to win over as many subscribers as possible.
  • Make your character evolve and improve your home.
  • Control the entire vlogger process, from recording the video to uploading it.
  • Record all sorts of videos: reviews of gadgets, gameplay sessions, speeches...
  • Design your own environment.
  • Fulfill daily tasks.

And all the latter to achieve the real goal of anyone that decides to record themselves on a webcam and share it on the Internet: become rich. That's your target in this game.

It's also available for Windows PC via Steam but unfortunately not for Android. The users of this platform can download alternatives of the likes Tubers, available in APK format.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 10.0.
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod touch
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