Zaep AntiSpam

Zaep AntiSpam acts as an unwanted email filter. Get rid of all your SPAM by downloading Zaep AntiSpam and configuring your email accounts right now

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Zaep AntiSpam is the perfect solution to avoid the amount of trash mail that usually saturates the majority of email accounts. From fraud attempts to all kinds of publicity, it will all be filtered by the program. making it a lot simpler to manage the messages stored in your mail manager.

  To configure the filter you will have to access the preferences area from a browser, where you will be able to edit which mail you want to receive and which you don't, whether by selecting from a list of available addresses or by adding addresses manually. The program will also allow you to view statistics about the SPAM that you have received.

  How this tool is handled is somewhat confusing if you don't have quite advanced knowledge about the Internet, so, if you don't want to cause any problem to your email account, you will have to contact an expert so that they properly configure the program for you.

  Discover one of the best alternatives to avoid receiving trash mail thanks to Zaep AntiSpam.
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The trial period lasts for 30 days.
Rhino Software, Inc.
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