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Zaful is an online clothes store for women with very cheap prices. Its Android application allows you to place your orders wherever you are around the world

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Women love clothes. Well, women love people that don't assume stupid stereotypes. But it's true that clothes makers focus a great part of their attention and marketing on the female sex. You only need to enter a shop that sells clothes for both men and women to see that the female section is much larger. And there also many more clothes shops only for women than only for men. Zaful is one of them, a Chinese store that sells women's clothes at really cheap prices.

Zaful offers you the latest trends and unique styles only for you.

What is Zaful?

It's basically a Chinese shop that just been created and that's probably why its name doesn't ring a bell. They only sell clothes for women, leaving aside clothes for men and children. And yes, you're probably already thinking about, it can be considered the AliExpress for women's clothes. And, as such, it has its pros and cons.

Download our application to find exclusive offers, huge discounts, and the latest trends.

Although the prices might be slightly higher than in other stores of the same kind, the latter are very competitive and quite cheap. However, you'll have to pay the consequences of saving money. Delivery times are very long and if your package gets caught in Customs, not only will it take longer but the price will also be increased due to taxes. And yes, the search engine is as precise as AliExpress. Bargains are not always bargains.

Well, let's talk about important things. The app has been translated, so you don't need to speak Chinese and you can even change the currency. Each item comes along with loads of photos, a description, price, reviews from other customers, sizes, and colors. And something that's really cool: the measures of the model that's wearing the clothes in the photo so you can get a closer idea of the size you have to order. And that's important because refunds are expensive unless it's the store's fault.

You can share all the items on your social networks and bookmark them as favorites to keep an eye on them. Going to the beach? You can look great on Instagram with these dresses, swimming costumes, sandals, bikinis... all at ridiculous prices. But don't forget to order them with plenty of time in advance, otherwise, you'll have to wear the summer after.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.3.
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