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Zamzar is a website to change the format of video, image, music and document files among others. Try out Zamzar's universal converter web application

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Zamzar is a website that is specialized in converting file formats. It's a universal online format converter which is valid for all kinds of files and that also includes some very interesting features, like video downloading or sending and managing large files.

Have you had the need to convert files without downloading software?


  • Convert between formats in five different categories: documents and electronic books, images, videos, music and 'other formats'.
  • File of up to 100 MB.
  • Receive the links to download the converted files to your email and use them without any limitation during 24 hours.

When you need to covert a file to another format, but you don't have time to try out specific programs, choose the easiest solution: access Zamzar, upload your local files no matter what format they have and modify their format online.

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