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4.0.5 Zattoo will allow you to watch TV on the Internet without a tuning card. Moreover, it only provides quality broadcasts with great contents. Download Zattoo
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Zattoo is one of the most popular programs to enjoy TV over the Internet. With this software we will be able to access different channels from all over Europe, that will be very appealing to all users of the service.

Tune into the TV through the Internet

The program has a really attractive interface from which, as well as being able to see any channel, we will be able to check the TV guide (to see which programs are going to be broadcast) or access a chat in which we will be able to speak with other users from all over the world about the programs, films and series we watch.

Among the channels that are available we will find Bloomberg, TV Poland, France 24, The Poker Channel or Telecinco, among others.

The greatest advantage of this system in comparison with others is that we will be able to enjoy many television programs without requiring a TV tuner card, only requiring an Internet connection to be able to work.

One of the greatest drawbacks of Zattoo is that it is a paid service, so if we want to watch the TV on our computer, we will have to make a series of monthly, quarterly or annual payments.

Download Zattoo free for Mac and watch TV online.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The service is only available in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.
  • The application includes adverts, but you can access a higher quality service without ads through a paid subscription.
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