Zaz is an addictive game what will have you playing for hours. Download Zaz and you will have to eliminate all the balls before they reach the end

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Zaz is a game that may look simple to start off, but that ends up being really addictive and has people spending hours on end playing without even realizing. The main objective of the game is to eliminate the balls before they reach the end of their path. To be able to remove them we will have to join three or more balls of the same color to make them disappear.

  Zaz has two difficulty levels, easy and professional, and two game modes: sequential and survival. The game progressing through a series of different mazes, that depending on the level will have different colors and courses.

  Our objective will be to select the ball from the pack, and place it in another position, in such a way that we manage to join balls of the same color to eliminate them. If a ball reaches the end of the path, the game will be over. Furthermore, there are also balls that will have effect that will help us: pause the balls or make them move backwards.

  By means of the options we will be able to change the language, select the screen resolution or configure the music and effects. In the starting screen we will also see a podium with the best results that we have accomplished.

  An entertaining game that will keep you hooked for many hours.
Remigiusz Dybka
Over a year ago
Last week
20.4 MB

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