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ZedSatiOn is the instant messenger application for Zed. Download ZedStatiOn free todays and enjoy a complete tool to communicate with your friends

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The popular mobile phone contents company, Zed, also has its own instant messenger application, that also includes many other possibilities like e-mail features and Twitter. It is called ZedStatiOn.

  ZedStatiOn has been developed to be a full complete messenger client that is compatible with the most popular nets like MSN, Yahoo! or Gtalk, so from a unique application you will be able to communicate with all your contacts.

  The electronic mail managing tools make the reception and sending of messages a lot easier, as well as the deletion of messenger or the reception of alerts. If you want your Twitter friends to know your state, you can also update your profile with this application.

  The main features of ZedStatiOn are:
- Support for the most popular instant messenger clients (MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ and Google Talk).
- Manage your e-mail.
- Interact with the Twitter social network.
- Possibility to add interesting widgets, like LiveblogTalk or LiveBlogTV, to your blog or personal site.

  Communicate with other via MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ or Google Talk, manage your e-mail and keep your Twitter profile updates, all thanks to ZedStatiOn.
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