Zemana AntiLogger With Zemana AntiLogger you can block keyloggers from your PC. Download Zemana AntiLogger to avoid personal information being stolen from your computer
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Technology in the wrong hands can become a dangerous weapon. But you can make use of tools to fight against the dangers of the Internet, like Zemana AntiLogger.

Block keyloggers on your PC.

Keyloggers are usually used by developers to carry out tests or by parents to keep control on the activities of their children on the computer. However, cybercriminals can use these tools spitefully. Don't run any risks and install Zemana AntiLogger.

Why should I use Zemana AntiLogger?

Some cybercriminals use keyloggers together with a virus to obtain private information from your PC. To do so they record your keystrokes and track personal passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

If you use the Internet to carry out important transactions, avoid risks by using an application that keeps harmful keyloggers away, like Zemana AntiLogger. This program hardly uses any resources, therefore, it doesn't slow down your computer. Furthermore, you can use it with your usual security program, as it is compatible with most antiviruses and firewalls.

With Zemana AntiLogger you no longer have to worry when it comes to carrying out your usual bank transactions.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This is a trial version valid for 15 days.
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