ZenEdit is a text editor full of minimalist designs to avoid distractions. Focus yourself exclusively on writing a text, thanks to ZenEdit, download it now

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The majority of text editors that people work with offer many functions and options. In general, only those people that are real experts are totally at home with all these options, other users that are so sure can always resort to applications like ZenEdit when it simply comes down to writing a text while trying to avoid distractions. This minimalist text editor occupies the full screen and will free you from any distraction while you write.

There are no menus nor interface elements that may interfere with your concentration. The options included are accessible from the right mouse button or by means of keyboard shortcuts.

Main features

  • Different fonts and background colors to customize the interface.
  • It only allows you to save plain text files.
  • It works in “Standalone” mode. It's an independent binary that doesn't require installation, thus offering us the possibility to take it anywhere on a portable device.

If you want a tool that will avoid inconvenient distractions while you write out any text, you can use ZenEdit, it will help you to focus your concentration on the job at hand.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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