Zenwalk Linux

GNOME Edition 7.0

Zenwalk is a simple distribution for Linux with all the tools necessary for office and programming work. Download Zenwalk and check out its advantages

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There are hundreds and even thousands of different Linux distributions available, all with their own priorities and specific ideals. The case of Zenwalk is very clear, it wants to be a simple distribution, prepared for any environment, but specially, fast and that offers the possibility to work on any personal computer. At least for now, it can be burnt on any CD, and its minimum requirements start from a Pentium III, requirements that are met by almost all PCs that still work worldwide.

  Zenwalk is based on Slackware, but from the first moment, it is clearly very different from the mother distribution. It includes the XCFE desktop environment, EXT4 compatibility, the last Linux kernel available and of course, the latest updates of all its contents.

  Among Zenwalk's advantages we will find its speed on modern computers, but specially, that it is ready for any task: office automation, programming, multimedia,...

  A very complete and versatile system that will meet the expectations of any user.
Jean-Philippe Guillemin
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
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