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Zillya! Internet Security is a complete software application to browse more securely. Download Zillya! Internet Security and protect yourself from attacks

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Zillya! Internet Security will make sure that we are protected and don't have to worry about external threats when we browse the Internet. If you use Internet very often, it is advisable that you protect your computer with a software application like Zillya! Internet Security, that will manage that your computer is safe from any infection that may come from the Web.

  One of the most important features of Zillya! Internet Security is that it uses a low quantity of system resources, thus our computer won't slow down. In what regards to its interface, it is worth highlighting that it is rather simple and easy to use, even for newbies. We won't have to face complex configurations nor advanced functions, and we will have all the options grouped up by categories to understand them easier.

  We also have to highlight the powerful scanning function that analyzes each sector of our hard drive, the email and the browsing history. It has three kinds of scan: quick, complete and customized, so as to allow us to choose which we find more convenient at a given time. It also has a firewall that will allow us to browse the Internet with total ease, because it will protect us against any external threat.

  Try Zillya! Internet Security and see how good it is.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial period lasts for 15 days.
216.8 MB

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