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Zip Zap for Android is a puzzle game for Android that you'll have to complete by stretching and shrinking an orange piece that looks like a Meccano part

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A puzzle game that you can download after paying a couple of dollars but in which you won't have to see a single advert and in which there isn't any kind of in-app purchase to be able to buy extra features: what you see is what you get. That's precisely what Zip Zap offers us, a peculiar puzzle game with a very simple presentation but with excellent entertainment possibilities that will definitely surprise you... and glue you to your screen.

Similar to a Meccano or Multyhobby

This puzzle game, that will remind us of Meccano or Multyhobby, is based on a very simple premise: press to shrink the piece and let go to release it. The thing is that each action is associated with a reaction that also has to do with how the pieces you see on the screen behave physically.

Our target is to stretch and shrink the orange piece in order to activate the rest of parts so that altogether we manage to touch the white circle which will allow us to overcome the level. It's a game with a simple appearance that won't allow you to rest throughout its 100 levels and will hook you on due to its progressive difficulty.

100 levels of progressive difficulty. Fun for hours on end.

You don't need to be online to be able to play and neither is it a social game, so forget about multiplayer elements. This app only wants us to relax for a while trying to solve the puzzles that we're offered on our screen.

However, as we told you a few lines above, it's a pay-to-play game so you're going to have to rummage through your pockets. Two dollars that are very worthwhile.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.3.
Philipp Stollenmayer
Over a year ago
This year
8.7 MB

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