ZipCentral manages files compressed in ZIP format. Download ZipCentral for free and work more comfortably with files that use the ZIP compression format

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The advantages of using compressed files are obvious: less space occupied on your hard drive and a better organization of groups of related tools. To do so, it is essential to have a compression tool like ZipCentral, a free alternative to the popular WinZip.

  ZipCentral is a file compressor, compatible with the ZIP format, that includes the options that we usually find in this kind of application. To make using it easier it includes the possibility to use the "Drag&Drop" method to decompress the files directly, by simply dragging them to the application's windows.

  The main features of ZipCentral are:
- Includes the option to create a new compressed file, add a file and extract.
- Incorporation of a function to verify the files' status.
- Support for encrypted compressed files using password protection and also to create self-extracting files.
- Integration with Windows Explorer to make it easier to use.
- Automatically converts ZIP files to self-extracting files.
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