2.2.6 ZModeler is a design program geared towards the video game world. Download ZModeler to design and create 3D models on your computer with great ease
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ZModeler is an assisted 3D design program. This three-dimensional modeling application allows you to create all kinds of objects, but specializes in the design and development of elements for video games, especially vehicles.

Real-Time rendering

Unlike other design and 3D modeling software, ZModeler does not seek to create photorealistic models with the highest level of detail, but rather models with medium detail level suitable for real-time rendering of video games.

Appropriate balance between detail, texture and polygon optimization.

Some features of ZModeler

  • Draw all kinds of geometric shapes.
  • Rendering engine based on the Direct3D standard.
  • Divided interface view to observe the work from different angles: perspective view and orthographic projection.
  • Full set of editing and manipulation tools: move, rotate and scale objects.
  • Several work modes with axes.
  • Different editing levels.
  • Export your work in a wide range of formats.

When Zanoza Modeler (alternative name for the program) starts, you'll have to select the hardware you want to use. Though it may not be the best, the interface is efficient and comfortable to work with.

Download ZModeler and access the world of 3D game design.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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