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With Zombie Keys you can write special characters that aren't available on your keyboard. Zombie Keys provides those characters by means of key combinations

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Certain special characters aren't available on the keyboard, for which reason we sometime have to resort to rather unusual methods, like searching for them on the Internet to copy or paste them to be able to include them in our texts. With Zombie Keys for Firefox, this will no longer be a problem, as we will have them all available by means of keyboard combinations.

Settle your problems with special characters

Zombie Keys can be very useful to write in languages that have characters that aren't available on our keyboard, or if we go abroad and have to use a keyboard different to ours. Once we have installed this add-on in our browser, we can input them by means of key combinations during the actions we carry out with Firefox, like writing an address, for instance.


  • Insert special characters by means of hotkeys.
  • French, Italian, Russian, Swedish, German and four varieties of English characters are available.
  • Shows an error message on your screen if you press an incorrect combination of keys.

Whether you are abroad or you need to make use of special characters not included on your keyboard, don't hesitate and download Zombie Keys for Firefox.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Firefox.
  • You can check the keyboard shortcuts here.
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