ZSNES is an emulator of the classic console by the Japanese company Nintendo, SNES, for Linux. Guarantee your entertainment with the help of ZSNES

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ZSNES is an emulator of one of the best fourth generation (16-bit era) video game consoles, the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), being the consoles for which games like Star Fox, Street Fighter II, Super Mario World and EarthBound were developed, to name just a few.

Thanks to this emulator we'll be able to enjoy the aforementioned games and many more while using a Linux operating system distribution, which is very good, specially if we take into account that very few games are developed to work on this system.

The application itself is rather simple, and it uses a graphical interface that is rather old fashioned but functional, to be able to show all the menus and configuration windows. So that as soon as we have access to a ROM image (file that contains that information from the original data cartridge) we'll be able to start playing in a few seconds.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy once again all those marvelous games that were played in houses all over the world during the first half of the 90's, download and install ZSNES, the best emulator on the market for this kind of game.
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