Zultrax P2P

Free Edition 4.7

Download Zultrax P2P for free, a P2P client that uses the Gnutella network to download and share videos, music, games... Zultrax P2P is a versatile program

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Zultrax P2P is a program with which you'll have the possibility to share music, films, games and software over the Gnutella network, one of the most successful P2P networks among users worldwide, and that offers speed and stability.

  The program, that is very similar to many other P2P download clients, has a very nice interface, from which you'll be able to perform searches, manage your downloads, view the connection statistics, manage the shared files or launch everything that you have downloaded to your hard drive.

  The program has several security systems to avoid false files or trojans, offers compatibility with connections by means of a proxy and also has a function to protect your privacy.

  If you were looking for a program to download files from the Gnutella network, that's easy to use and, furthermore, has a really nice graphical interface, download and install Zultrax P2P on your computer.
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