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Create videos from the music playing on your computer with Zuma. It will be a lot easier to create 3D animations with the keyboard and mouse with Zuma

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Creating a video in real-time is a very complicated task, nevertheless, it is really eye-catching to be able to see how a video is generated together with the music that is playing. That is exactly what Zuma allows you to do. With this software, it is possible to create a 3D animation as if a musical instrument is being played with the computer's keyboard and mouse.

Create music videos on your PC

The application includes various animations that already have several predefined keys, allowing us to play with them to start showing things on the screen, make them move differently or move them into prime position with incredible effects. The application is very intuitive, showing a keyboard on the screen with the active keys and the possible settings.

All the animations can be modified “live”, so it will be very easy for us to easily create our own videos. And it will be only a matter of practice for us to be able to synchronize the video perfectly with the music that is playing in the background.

Zuma's interface is divided into 3 parts, the viewer (that can be maximized to fullscreen) and two control areas, one where the textures and all other related things are chosen, and another with all the settings.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download allows you to try out the application for 14 days.
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