Zyncro is a complete online storage system that includes a management panel thanks to which you'll be able to synchronize, save and send files very easily

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Even though Zyncro may seem just like any other of the online hard drives that are appearing as of late, the truth is that it isn't. With this software you'll have, as well as a 1GB of online storage space to save any kind of file and a desktop software to manage it all, your own web administration panel to be able to synchronize, send and save files no matter where you are.

  Even though this service can be used without having to install the program, it's advisable to do so, because thanks to this we'll create a folder on our desktop that will synchronize with our online storage space. Thus, we'll have access to the files that we store there wherever we are.

  Furthermore, with this application we'll be able to manage the synchronization time, send emails with attached files making the most of Zyncro's capacity and various options that are accessible from the web panel, but that are logically quicker on the desktop application.

  As a finishing touch for this online hard drive, it's worth mentioning that it can be integrated on various social networks and services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Flickr.
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