Online Downloads

Download all sorts of files, folders, documents or entire webpages to your computer thanks to this compilation of online download manager webapps

ExtraTorrent English

Download BitTorrent files in their original language

1337x English

One of the best torrent search engines

Bitsnoop English

One of the best sites to find torrents

BitLet English

Download torrents straight from your browser

Torrentz English

One of the largest torrent libraries on the Internet

The Pirate Bay English

The most popular web to find torrent files

Torrent Downloads English

A web where you can find all sorts of torrent files

Zbigz English

Online client to download torrents

uTorrent 3.5.4 44498 English

Remote control for your uTorrent client

Seedr Beta English
Seedr Beta

Torrent client for the cloud

TorrentHound English

A long-lost Torrent download site

Torrent Reactor English

One of the most popular torrent search engines