Online Education and Leisure Webapps

Make use of your free time to learn or have fun straight from your web browser thanks to this great selection of education and leisure webapps

JibJab English

Online greetings with customized cards

FACEinHOLE English

Combine faces and bodies

Mologogo English

GPS location service

StoryJumper English

Creation of children's stories

CircuitLab English

Online electric circuit board simulator

Telehack English

Internet emulator from the 80's

Goodtyping English

Improve your typing skills

Chordify English

A webapp to extract the chords from a song

Cleverbot English

Intelligent conversations with a machine

Windows 93 English

Emulator of a fictional Windows

Velocidactil English

Improve your typing with this online tool

Hacker Typer English

Hacking simulator... that doesn't simulate anything

YouTube to GIF English

Convert YouTube videos into GIF files

Vocabla English

Vocabulary learning method based on lists of words

WhoScored English

Live football statistics and results

Scrapsity English

Recall your childhood experience

livememe English

Design your own memes

TouristPath Beta English

Discover what to see at your next holiday destination

ARTypist English

Online typing course

Pocoyize English

Everything you need to pocoyize yourself

Codecademy English

Learn to program online

BDFutbol English

Spanish football database

Nukemap English

Discover the effects of an atomic explosion

OhLife English

Write letters to your future me

Programmr English

Platform to learn programming languages

ChronoZoom English

The history of the Universe a few mouse clicks away

TouristEye English

Complete travel planner

Music Timeline English

The history of music on a timeline

CodeCombat English

Learn how to program in JavaScript while you play

Scoreboard English

Check the results of your favorite sports

AccuTracking English

Web service to track smartphones or GPS devices

Flowkey English

Excellent system to learn how to play the piano by means of online courses