Online Role-playing Games

Become the main character of some of the most successful and brilliant RPG and MMORPG as of lately thanks to this selection of online role-playing games

Superbia English

The virtual world created by Disney Channel

Lagoonia English

Online strategy and social relations game

ZooMumba English

Build your own virtual zoo

Shakes and Fidget English

Become a powerful warrior and complete the missions you're entrusted

KingsAge English

Online role playing games set in the medieval period

From Dust English

Become a god and protect your tribe from nature

BiteFight 2.5.390 English
BiteFight 2.5.390

Live the battle between vampires and werewolves

Roll20 English

Create online role playing games

Keep Out! English

Move around dungeons from your browser

RuneScape English

Jagex's MMORPG straight on your browser