Beta software for Windows

Software for Windows in test, beta, alpha, rc or preview phase. Try out the next updates for beta software and programs for Windows

Hello Neighbor English

Terror game set in your neighbor's house

Facebook Messenger English

Chat with your contacts from your desktop

Popcorn Time 6.0 English

Movies and series for free on your PC

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta English

The office suite for home and work

JDownloader 2.0 English

The most complete download manager

Call of Duty 5 World At War English
Call of Duty 5 World At War

Relive the Second World War and join the allies

Super Mario Bros 3 Editable 9.2 English
Super Mario Bros 3 Editable 9.2

Unofficial version of Super Mario for PC

Luminar 2018 Jupiter 1.2.0 English
Luminar 2018 Jupiter 1.2.0

Powerful image enhancement program for Windows PC

Dev-C++ Beta English
Dev-C++ Beta

Excellent free C/C++ IDE

Google Updater 2.4.2166.3772 Beta English
Google Updater 2.4.2166.3772 Beta

Install several tools with a single program

Pelismagnet Beta English
Pelismagnet Beta

The Popcorn Time specialized in movies in Spanish

Mega Desktop 0.75 Beta English
Mega Desktop 0.75 Beta

New client for MEGA

PUBG Mobile English
PUBG Mobile

The mobile version of PUBG for Windows

Google Map Saver 1.0.3 Beta English
Google Map Saver 1.0.3 Beta

Download Google Maps with your own preferences

Google Pack 2.4.2166.3772 Beta English
Google Pack 2.4.2166.3772 Beta

Pack of essential applications for your computer

Android SDK Revision 26.1.1 English
Android SDK Revision 26.1.1

Create Android applications with this development kit

PC Viewer 1.07.83 Beta English
PC Viewer 1.07.83 Beta

Renovate your computer's old file explorer

Open Broadcaster Software 0.638 Beta English

Broadcast everything that happens on your computer

Super Mario War 1.8 beta 2 English
Super Mario War 1.8 beta 2

Welcome to the war between all the Marios

Phun 5.28 Beta English
Phun 5.28 Beta

Learn physics while playing

VLMC 0.1.0 Beta English
VLMC 0.1.0 Beta

The video editor by the creators of VLC

WindowsAndroid 4.0.3 Beta English
WindowsAndroid 4.0.3 Beta

The real Android operating system emulator

Hydrogen 0.9.6 Alpha English
Hydrogen 0.9.6 Alpha

Virtual drum machine to create your own patterns

AutoMen 6.1571.319 Beta English
AutoMen 6.1571.319 Beta

Simple and efficient video converter

MySQL 6 .0.11 Alpha English
MySQL 6 .0.11 Alpha

Free efficient system for the management of relational databases

VoxOx 2.9.2 Beta English
VoxOx 2.9.2 Beta

Promising messaging program with many more options

Terasology Pre Alpha English
Terasology Pre Alpha

A beautiful blocks game

Fritzing 0.9.3b Beta English
Fritzing 0.9.3b Beta

Great printed circuit board schematics editor

Adobe Wallaby 0.9d Prerelease 1 English
Adobe Wallaby 0.9d Prerelease 1

Possible solution for the video war over the Internet

PickMeApp Beta English
PickMeApp Beta

Create backups of your applications

Spotify Ripper 0.1.1 beta English
Spotify Ripper 0.1.1 beta

Record your favorite music on your hard drive directly from Spotify

MakeHuman 1.0 Alpha 6.0 English
MakeHuman 1.0 Alpha 6.0

Create human figures in a free and simple manner

Mortal Kombat 4.1 Beta English
Mortal Kombat 4.1 Beta

Play this unforgettable classic combat game

Who's Your Daddy 0.2.0 English

Manage to die as a baby or save his life as a father

Ohm Studio English

Surprising collaborative DAW in real time

Multibar Beta English
Multibar Beta

A useful toolbar to be placed on your desktop

Instinctiv Alpha English
Instinctiv Alpha

A very simple yet complete music player

Brutal Chess 0.5.2 Alpha English
Brutal Chess 0.5.2 Alpha

Play chess against your computer

MangaMeeya 2.4 Beta English
MangaMeeya 2.4 Beta

Application to read your favorite comics

XWindows Dock Beta English
XWindows Dock Beta

The best dock for Windows