Chrome Plugins for Windows

Increase and expand the functions of Google's web browser by means of extensions thanks to these Google Chrome plugins for Windows computers

ARC Welder 2.0 English

Your own Android on Chrome

APK Downloader 2.1.3 English

Download Android applications to your computer

PictureMate - View hidden FB pics 3.1.7 English

Search for hidden pics on Facebook

ExpressVPN Chrome English
ExpressVPN Chrome

Add the VPN service's extension to your browser

Chrome Remote Desktop 70.0.3538.21 English
Chrome Remote Desktop 70.0.3538.21

Remote control via Chrome

FVD Video Downloader 1.55 English

Download videos from your browser

Netflix for Chrome English

Manage Netflix like another Google Chrome application

Signal Private Messenger 1.22.0 English

Instant messaging and chat app that guarantees you anonymity

Hangouts 2018.1213.1433.1 English
Hangouts 2018.1213.1433.1

Google's chat for Windows

ZenMate 3.49.18 English
ZenMate 3.49.18

Browse safely and avoid restrictions

Super Browse for Netflix 1.6.6 English

Chrome extension that improves your searches on Netflix

VineClient 1.0.4 English
VineClient 1.0.4

Control Vine with your browser

Smart Video Enlarger for YT 1.1.1 English

Play YouTube videos with the size of your choice

PDF Mergy 0.5.6 English
PDF Mergy 0.5.6

Chrome extension that allows us to merge PDFs

MailTrack 6.10.1 English
MailTrack 6.10.1

Check if your emails have been received

Flatbook for Chrome 3.16.2 English

Extension to make it easier to read contents on Facebook

Tampermonkey 4.7.54 English
Tampermonkey 4.7.54

A script manager for Chrome

Adblock Plus for Chrome 3.4.2 English

Block adverts whilst browsing the Internet

Audio EQ English
Audio EQ

The equalizer you need for Chrome

Password Checkup 1.10 English

Check whether your passwords have been compromised by data leaks

Trusted News for Google Chrome 1.0.6 English

Only access true information

Ghostery 8.3.1 English
Ghostery 8.3.1

Control your digital traces left behind when browsing

SearchLock 1.0.5 English
SearchLock 1.0.5

Anonymous and encrypted search engine

AlienTube 2.7.2 English
AlienTube 2.7.2

Read Reddit comments on YouTube

Silencer 1.1.0 English
Silencer 1.1.0

Browse peacefully, without spoilers

Pricenoia 0.83 English
Pricenoia 0.83

The most efficient Amazon price comparer

EmbedPlus 1.4.8 English
EmbedPlus 1.4.8

Add new playback controls to YouTube videos

SocialBro English

Manage your community on Twitter

Facebook Like Button 1.0.3 English

Share any interesting content on Facebook

Extended Share for Google Plus 4.0.2 English

Share Google Plus publications on other services

SwiffOut English

Play Flash games on fullscreen with Google Chrome