Software for Internet Domains on Windows

Find complete information about any website or domain name and its availability thanks to this Internet domain software for Windows computers

HotWhois 3.0.4 English
HotWhois 3.0.4

Find out all the information about a domain or an IP address

Win32Whois 0.9.15 English
Win32Whois 0.9.15

Get hold of information about any domain

WhoisView 1.0.112603 English
WhoisView 1.0.112603

Find out who is behind an IP address or a domain

IP Lookup 2.0.092606 English
IP Lookup 2.0.092606

Lookup one or various IP's and domain owners with this software

Whois English

Find out information about any domain

SmartWhois 5.0.255 English
SmartWhois 5.0.255

View information about IP addresses

DomainHostingView 1.72 English

Find out information and details about a domain

Extreme URL Generator English

Generate URL lists automatically