Educational Software for Windows (Page 3)

Among our educational software for Windows you'll find loads of programs to learn and expand your knowledge about any discipline, science or topic

Yenka 3.4.4 English
Yenka 3.4.4

Study and revise your technical and maths knowledge

SageMath 8.9 v0.5.1 English
SageMath 8.9 v0.5.1

Open-source alternative to Matlab

Physion 1.2.0 English
Physion 1.2.0

2D virtual physics laboratory

FreeMat 4.2 English
FreeMat 4.2

Free numerical calculation environment that is an alternative to MATLAB

Google Translate Client 6.2.620 English

Select text and immediately obtain its translation

DANCE 5.52 English
DANCE 5.52

Learn to move like a professional

Circuit Diagram 3.1 English

Easily create circuit schematics

Diogenes 4.2 English

Useful tool to study ancient languages

Gravity 1.3 English
Gravity 1.3

Gravity simulator for physics students

Google Earth Plugin English

Enjoy this service offered by Google on your browser

ZKanji 0.731 English
ZKanji 0.731

Application to easily learn Japanese

Globalink Power Translator Pro 6.4.1 English

Translate texts between Spanish and English

JClic English

Program to create interactive educational applications

Bing Maps 3D 4.0.1003 English
Bing Maps 3D 4.0.1003

View the planet's major cities in 3D

Calculator 2020.322.0.0 English
Calculator 2020.322.0.0

Carry out the fastest maths calculations

Gretl 2020b English
Gretl 2020b

Application for econometric analyses

V-REP 3.5.0 English
V-REP 3.5.0

Robot simulation software in 3D

Virtual Microscope 6.2.2 English

Observe things as you would through a microscope

10 Finger BreakOut 6.3 English

Improve your control of the keyboard with this curious version of Arkanoid

ArgusLab 4.0.1 English
ArgusLab 4.0.1

Application to view and develop molecules

Dixio Desktop English
Dixio Desktop

Find out the meaning of any word with just one click

Earth Explorer 6.1 English

3D atlas made up by satellite images

Garmin Express English
Garmin Express

Manage all your Garmin devices

JMP 14.3 English
JMP 14.3

Carry out statistical analyses of diverse complexity

Stellarium 0.18.3 English
Stellarium 0.18.3

Interesting application that lets you see the universe on your computer

Rhyme Genie 9.5 English

A dictionary of music rhymes

Google Map Saver 1.0.3 English

Download Google Maps with your own preferences

Physics 101 SE 8.0 English

Learn physics and calculate anything whenever you want

LingoWare 5.16 English
LingoWare 5.16

Translate your favorite applications as easy as possible

Sidereal Clock 2.0.3 English

Find out the sidereal time anywhere in the world

GeoGebra 6.0.609 English
GeoGebra 6.0.609

Software to learn maths at all levels

Garmin BaseCamp 4.7.3 English

Plan routes and send them to your Garmin GPS

Writefull 3.0.0 beta 19 English
Writefull 3.0.0 beta 19

Settle linguistic and spelling doubts

Schoolhouse Test English

Create customized tests for your pupils

RoboHelp 2019 English
RoboHelp 2019

Create learning contents and documentation

Luckhan Matrix Calculator Pro 5.4 English

Solve matrices in the quickest and simplest way

Avogadro 1.2.0 English
Avogadro 1.2.0

Application for the advanced design of molecules

Elllo English learning English

Learn English with native speakers

Easy Cut Studio 5.004 English

Create designs for your cutting machine

Crayon Physics Deluxe English

Entertaining game to learn the laws of physics