Educational Software for Windows (Page 4)

Among our educational software for Windows you'll find loads of programs to learn and expand your knowledge about any discipline, science or topic

OmegaT 4.3.2 English
OmegaT 4.3.2

Powerful computer aided translation tool

Moffsoft FreeCalc English

Useful calculator similar to that of Windows

EQTabla 5.20 English
EQTabla 5.20

Check the periodic table whenever you want

eXe 1.04.1 rev3590 English
eXe 1.04.1 rev3590

Tool that makes it easier to create and publish educational contents

Talking Translator Pro 1.9.4 English

Easily translate whichever text you want

Virtual Moon Atlas 7.0 English

Complete and appealing virtual atlas of the Moon

Babylon English

The ultimate translation tool

GoogleTranslator 0.8b English

Translator built into your chat conversations

Asteroid Data Hunter 1.0 English

Become the best asteroid hunter

Volocity 6.5 English

3D rendering software aimed at scientists

Asynx Planetarium 2.80 English

The Universe from your computer

WXTide 4.7 English
WXTide 4.7

Application that predicts the tides anywhere in the world

Curved Spaces 3.7.1 English

Represent interconnected universes on your PC

Byki 4.1.344 English
Byki 4.1.344

Learn foreign languages with this great software

DIY Layout Creator 1.23 English

Design your own PCBs

Maps App English
Maps App

Explore the world from your desktop

Oriana 4.02 English
Oriana 4.02

Tool to view and analyze circular data

Mathomatic 16.0.5 English
Mathomatic 16.0.5

Light software for the calculation of computational algebra

jDictionary 1.8 English

Fast and functional vocabulary translator

EyeSpeak English

Practice your English pronunciation at home

TheSage's English Dictionary and Thesaurus 7.28.2686 English

Excellent English dictionary and thesaurus

ESBCalc 7.3.1 English
ESBCalc 7.3.1

Very complete calculator with scientific options

Limix Geometric 1.3.25 English

Calculate the area and surface of any geometric shape

GPSBabel 1.6.0 English
GPSBabel 1.6.0

Convert data between several GPS applications

CrossGL Surface Calculator 1.10 English

Popular calculator with a currency converter

DreamCalc 5.0.4 Professional Edition English
DreamCalc 5.0.4 Professional Edition

A complete calculator for any task

WorldWide Telescope 5.5.03 English

Visit the entire universe as if you had your own space ship

SES Type 1.40 English
SES Type 1.40

Speed up your keystrokes when writing on your PC

WebDicty 2.4 English

Find definitions in several languages with a single click

NASA World Wind 1.4 English

Travel the world from your PC's desktop

Graphmatica 2.4a English

Maths tool to solve equations

TomTom HOME English

Manage your GPS as comfortably as possible

Stele 0532 English
Stele 0532

Travel freely around the Solar System

Quiz Press 2.5.14 English
Quiz Press 2.5.14

Create quizzes for your website very easily

GPS TrackMaker 13.9.596 English
GPS TrackMaker 13.9.596

Manage the data of your GPS, create routes and save waypoints

Dictionary .NET 9.6.7009 English
Dictionary .NET 9.6.7009

Translate any text almost instantly

Hunter Chinese Dictionary 1.1 English

Translate all types of English vocabulary into Chinese and Japanese

Business Translator 9.27 English

Translates texts and documents to eleven different languages

Speak+ English

Windows tool to learn to pronounce languages

Grammatica 7.1 English

Spanish grammar assistant for your computer