Educational Software for Windows (Page 4)

Among our educational software for Windows you'll find loads of programs to learn and expand your knowledge about any discipline, science or topic

Byki 4.1.344 English
Byki 4.1.344

Learn foreign languages with this great software

MecaNet 21.02.24 English
MecaNet 21.02.24

The best typing course for Windows PC

Garmin Express English

Manage all your Garmin devices

WhiteSmoke Translator English

Simple and very accurate language translator

Geometry 2.8.2 English
Geometry 2.8.2

Complete trigonometry and geometry calculations easily

eXe 1.04.1 rev3590 English
eXe 1.04.1 rev3590

Tool that makes it easier to create and publish educational contents

DreamCalc 5.0.4 Professional Edition English
DreamCalc 5.0.4 Professional Edition

A complete calculator for any task

Infostat 2018d English
Infostat 2018d

Software for statistical analysis

Graphmatica 2.4a English

Maths tool to solve equations

Avogadro 1.2.0 English
Avogadro 1.2.0

Application for the advanced design of molecules

LingoWare 5.16 English
LingoWare 5.16

Translate your favorite applications as easy as possible

Dixio Desktop English
Dixio Desktop

Find out the meaning of any word with just one click

Dictium 3.0 English
Dictium 3.0

Access the Spanish Royal Academy dictionary from your desktop

Selingua 5.2 English

Learn languages in the most entertaining way

Diagram Viewer 1.01 English

Observe and measure your diagrams

SpeedCrunch 0.12 English

Mathematical calculations within everyone's grasp

Volocity 6.5 English

3D rendering software aimed at scientists

PacWriter 1 English

Learn how to type with this entertaining game

3D Angles 3.0 English

View molecular structures in 3 dimensions

Gravity 1.3 English
Gravity 1.3

Gravity simulator for physics students

Curved Spaces 3.7.1 English

Represent interconnected universes on your PC

CaRMetal 3.8.2 English
CaRMetal 3.8.2

A simple tool to create dynamic geometry figures

Math Studio 3.5 English

Excellent tool to create all sorts of maths graphics

Rlab 2.1.05b English
Rlab 2.1.05b

Develop your own maths applications with this quick program

Magic Translator 8.31 English

Translate up to 10 different languages

TwoNav GPS 3.3.4 English
TwoNav GPS 3.3.4

Calculate and analyze your nature sports routes

Asteroid Data Hunter 1.0 English

Become the best asteroid hunter

CATrain 2.5.0 English
CATrain 2.5.0

Model railroad simulator

Grammatica 7.1 English

Spanish grammar assistant for your computer

TranslateIt! 8.1 English

Translate texts very easily

Biogenesis 0.9.11 English
Biogenesis 0.9.11

Observe the evolutionary process of various organisms

Scalextric Track Length Calculator English

Measure the length of your slot tracks

CutMaster2D Pro English
CutMaster2D Pro

Get hold of the best cutting optimization

JClic English

Program to create interactive educational applications

Earth's Core 1.1 English

All the information you need about minerals and other elements

Therion 5.5.6 English
Therion 5.5.6

The ideal tool for any topographer

Student Revolution 350 English

The perfect tool for all students

Euler Mathematical Toolbox 2020.08.21 English

Complete numerical and algebraic computation system

PowerToy Calc English

A much more complete version of the Windows Calculator

Hunter Chinese Dictionary 1.1 English

Translate all types of English vocabulary into Chinese and Japanese