Educational Software for Windows (Page 5)

Among our educational software for Windows you'll find loads of programs to learn and expand your knowledge about any discipline, science or topic

Volocity 6.5 English

3D rendering software aimed at scientists

Vocab Test 2.7.0 English
Vocab Test 2.7.0

Improve your English vocabulary

KanjiQuick 2.2.1 English
KanjiQuick 2.2.1

Learn Japanese and recognize all its characters

WordBanker 6.4.8 English
WordBanker 6.4.8

Application to learn English vocabulary

Moodle 3.11 English
Moodle 3.11

A remote learning platform

Research Artificial Vision Tool 0.3 English

Perform artificial vision simulations

G Translator 2.0 English

Translate texts to any language

StudyX 6.1.2 English
StudyX 6.1.2

Train your memory and your studying capacity

AnimatLab 2.1.5 English
AnimatLab 2.1.5

Tool for biomechanical simulation and neural networks

ZKanji 0.731 English
ZKanji 0.731

Application to easily learn Japanese

FreeMat 4.2 English
FreeMat 4.2

Free numerical calculation environment that is an alternative to MATLAB

Anki 2.1.37 English
Anki 2.1.37

Memorize any contents as soon as possible

Yacas 1.6.1 English
Yacas 1.6.1

A computer algebra system

Boxoft Screen Tutorial Creator 1.1.0 English

Create your own tutorials

Schoolhouse Test English

Create customized tests for your pupils

Student Tutor EN+SP 1.7.2 English
Student Tutor EN+SP 1.7.2

Learn Spanish improving your vocabulary

Trical English

A very simple formula calculator

Lucy's Globe 7.0 English

Learn all the continents, countries, capitals, seas and oceans

RoboHelp 2019 English
RoboHelp 2019

Create learning contents and documentation

Language Tutor EN+SP 1.6.5 English
Language Tutor EN+SP 1.6.5

Learn Spanish expressions and vocabulary

Praat 6.1.39 English
Praat 6.1.39

Study sounds and their graphic representation

JMP 14.3 English
JMP 14.3

Carry out statistical analyses of diverse complexity

DANCE 5.52 English
DANCE 5.52

Learn to move like a professional

Scalextric Track Length Calculator English

Measure the length of your slot tracks

CutMaster2D Pro English
CutMaster2D Pro

Get hold of the best cutting optimization

GoNaomi Dictionary 1.89 English
GoNaomi Dictionary 1.89

Desktop translator for over 40 different languages

Translate2 2.0 English

One of the most simple and easy ways to translate from English into Spanish

Virtual Microscope 6.2.2 English

Observe things as you would through a microscope

Xanadu 1.02.07 English
Xanadu 1.02.07

Quickly translate any word or find out its meaning

JClic English

Program to create interactive educational applications

Diogenes 4.2 English

Useful tool to study ancient languages

ZikiTranslator 1.5.0a English

Simple desktop application for various languages

Kotoba 4.6 English
Kotoba 4.6

Learn Japanese vocabulary and simple sentences

IdiomaX Translation Assistant 7.0 English

One of the most complete translation software applications

Numberator 3.2 English

Transform any number into written text in a foreign language

Asynx Planetarium 2.80 English

The Universe from your computer

Stele 0532 English
Stele 0532

Travel freely around the Solar System

Babiloo 2.0.9 English
Babiloo 2.0.9

Complete translation tool with very interesting additional functions

Interlex English

Learn new vocabulary in other languages

Teachmaster 4.3 English

Practice your vocabulary and learn new words