Educational Software for Windows (Page 5)

Among our educational software for Windows you'll find loads of programs to learn and expand your knowledge about any discipline, science or topic

Aquarium Lab 2018 1.1 English
Aquarium Lab 2018 1.1

Take care of your aquarium

Easy Hanzi English
Easy Hanzi

Study Chinese efficiently

Anki 2.1.30 English
Anki 2.1.30

Memorize any contents as soon as possible

DPlot English

Generate all kinds of 2D and 3D charts

Kotoba 4.6 English
Kotoba 4.6

Learn Japanese vocabulary and simple sentences

Interlex English

Learn new vocabulary in other languages

PacWriter 1 English

Learn how to type with this entertaining game

1DNest English

Linear cutting optimization software

Teach2000 8.53 English
Teach2000 8.53

Useful tool for teachers and students

QPeriodicTable 0.60g English

Discover all the secrets of the chemical elements

DataStudio English

View and analyze the data of your experiments

OpenUniverse 1.3 English

Discover the Universe using your computer screen as a telescope

Microsoft Calculator Plus 1.0 English

A complete and attractive calculator

Magic Translator 8.31 English

Translate up to 10 different languages

Wikiebox 3.0 English

Access the Wikipedia directly from your desktop

Selingua 5.2 English

Learn languages in the most entertaining way

Graph English

Excellent application to draw maths graphs

Periodic Table 2.1 English

Discover the features of each of the chemical elements

CATrain 2.5.0 English
CATrain 2.5.0

Model railroad simulator

Diagram Viewer 1.01 English

Observe and measure your diagrams

Calq 1.3.1 English
Calq 1.3.1

A basic calculator that is always available

Vocab Test 2.7.0 English
Vocab Test 2.7.0

Improve your English vocabulary

AnimatLab 2.1.5 English
AnimatLab 2.1.5

Tool for biomechanical simulation and neural networks

Yacas 1.6.1 English
Yacas 1.6.1

A computer algebra system

WhiteSmoke Translator English

Simple and very accurate language translator

Virtaal 0.7.1 English
Virtaal 0.7.1

Powerful tool for quality translations

Spanglish 3.0 English

Dictionary that can be very useful when browsing on the Internet

WikSpeak 1.1 English

Learn how to pronounce words properly in English

Therion 5.4.3 English
Therion 5.4.3

The ideal tool for any topographer

Universal Study Helper 1.3.1 English

Practical program to improve your study techniques

WordFox 1.0.4 English
WordFox 1.0.4

Prepare your exams by creating tests

3D Angles 3.0 English

View molecular structures in 3 dimensions

010 Memorizer 1.2 English

Memorize numbers using words

MapCapt 2.55 English
MapCapt 2.55

Download maps from Internet to load them in your GPS

DeltaGIS 8.3 Express English
DeltaGIS 8.3 Express

Manage all kinds of information for your GPS

Euler Mathematical Toolbox 2020.08.21 English

Complete numerical and algebraic computation system

CaRMetal 3.8.2 English
CaRMetal 3.8.2

A simple tool to create dynamic geometry figures

Math Studio 3.5 English

Excellent tool to create all sorts of maths graphics

Rlab 2.1.05b English
Rlab 2.1.05b

Develop your own maths applications with this quick program

Graphing Calculator 3D 7.0 English

Draw any 2D or 3D function almost instantly