Educational Software for Windows (Page 6)

Among our educational software for Windows you'll find loads of programs to learn and expand your knowledge about any discipline, science or topic

Spanglish 3.0 English

Dictionary that can be very useful when browsing on the Internet

Ultralingua Spanish-English English
Ultralingua Spanish-English

One of the best translation software dictionaries

EyeSpeak English

Practice your English pronunciation at home

Lingoes 2.9.2 English
Lingoes 2.9.2

Complete dictionary and translator to many languages

pass First Certificate 1.0.2 English

A great tool to pass the First Certificate in English

TheSage's English Dictionary and Thesaurus 7.28.2686 English

Excellent English dictionary and thesaurus

3D Language Spain 1.6 English

Learn Spanish in an entertaining 3D environment

WikSpeak 1.1 English

Learn how to pronounce words properly in English

¡Conjuga! 4.0.1 English
¡Conjuga! 4.0.1

Learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs

PacWriter 1 English

Learn how to type with this entertaining game

Picword 1.8 English
Picword 1.8

Practical tool that will allow you to learn up to 6 languages

Revisor de SIGNUM 3.0 English

All the tools that you need to write texts in a single application

MyCalc2 1.20 English
MyCalc2 1.20

Totally fantastic free calculator

WXTide 4.7 English
WXTide 4.7

Application that predicts the tides anywhere in the world

1DNest English

Linear cutting optimization software

ESBCalc 7.3.1 English
ESBCalc 7.3.1

Very complete calculator with scientific options

Luckhan Matrix Calculator Pro 5.4 English

Solve matrices in the quickest and simplest way

Cosmos Globalbase Viewer B.b17.13 English

View the globe with various options

Multicalc 4.3 English

Calculator conceived to calculate time

gvSIG English

Brilliant application to study geomatics

HEXelon MAX 6.07.08 English
HEXelon MAX 6.07.08

Finish complicated math calculations very quickly

Geometer 1.7.0 English
Geometer 1.7.0

An application to calculate surfaces and volumes

WIRIS Desktop 2.3.1 English

Application to carry out calculations and graphic representations

Google Earth Helicopter English

Travel around the world in a helicopter

Therion 5.5.6 English
Therion 5.5.6

The ideal tool for any topographer

Limix Geometric 1.3.25 English

Calculate the area and surface of any geometric shape

CCDA Practice Tests English

Practice as many Cisco tests as possible before taking the exam

Teach2000 8.53 English
Teach2000 8.53

Useful tool for teachers and students

Universal Study Helper 1.3.1 English

Practical program to improve your study techniques

Malted 3 English

Teach languages with this 100% educational application

EQTabla 5.20 English
EQTabla 5.20

Check the periodic table whenever you want

WordFox 1.0.4 English
WordFox 1.0.4

Prepare your exams by creating tests

QPeriodicTable 0.60g English

Discover all the secrets of the chemical elements

Curved Spaces 3.7.1 English

Represent interconnected universes on your PC

010 Memorizer 1.2 English

Memorize numbers using words

Microsoft Desktop Player English

Discover the new learning platform by Microsoft

Student Revolution 350 English

The perfect tool for all students

Zhu3D 4.2.2 English
Zhu3D 4.2.2

View any mathematical function in 3D

Roadnav 0.19 English
Roadnav 0.19

Complete GPS navigator for your PC

MapCapt 2.55 English
MapCapt 2.55

Download maps from Internet to load them in your GPS