Educational Software for Windows (Page 7)

Among our educational software for Windows you'll find loads of programs to learn and expand your knowledge about any discipline, science or topic

Deskcalc 8.3.8 English
Deskcalc 8.3.8

One of the best alternatives to Windows calculator

Selingua 5.2 English

Learn languages in the most entertaining way

Graph English

Excellent application to draw maths graphs

WebDicty 2.4 English

Find definitions in several languages with a single click

WordWeb 8.23 English
WordWeb 8.23

Powerful English dictionary with interesting functions

ElectroMIL 1.0.0 English
ElectroMIL 1.0.0

The ideal tool for electrical engineers

Celestia 1.6.1 English
Celestia 1.6.1

Travel around the Universe from your PC

Speak+ English

Windows tool to learn to pronounce languages

TwoNav GPS 3.3.4 English
TwoNav GPS 3.3.4

Calculate and analyze your nature sports routes

Diagram Viewer 1.01 English

Observe and measure your diagrams

Grammatica 7.1 English

Spanish grammar assistant for your computer

Speckie 7.3 English
Speckie 7.3

Spellchecker for Internet Explorer

Anki 2.1.37 English
Anki 2.1.37

Memorize any contents as soon as possible

Student Tutor EN+SP 1.7.2 English
Student Tutor EN+SP 1.7.2

Learn Spanish improving your vocabulary

Trical English

A very simple formula calculator

Lucy's Globe 7.0 English

Learn all the continents, countries, capitals, seas and oceans

TomTom HOME English

Manage your GPS as comfortably as possible

IdiomaX Translation Assistant 7.0 English

One of the most complete translation software applications

Numberator 3.2 English

Transform any number into written text in a foreign language

jDictionary 1.8 English

Fast and functional vocabulary translator

Stele 0532 English
Stele 0532

Travel freely around the Solar System

Interlex English

Learn new vocabulary in other languages

Teachmaster 4.3 English

Practice your vocabulary and learn new words

Lingoes 2.9.2 English
Lingoes 2.9.2

Complete dictionary and translator to many languages

WikSpeak 1.1 English

Learn how to pronounce words properly in English

¡Conjuga! 4.0.1 English
¡Conjuga! 4.0.1

Learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs

Revisor de SIGNUM 3.0 English

All the tools that you need to write texts in a single application

SMath Studio 0.99.6884 English
SMath Studio 0.99.6884

Develop maths operations in this virtual notebook

Luckhan Matrix Calculator Pro 5.4 English

Solve matrices in the quickest and simplest way

Cosmos Globalbase Viewer B.b17.13 English

View the globe with various options

Geometry 2.8.2 English
Geometry 2.8.2

Complete trigonometry and geometry calculations easily

Universal Study Helper 1.3.1 English

Practical program to improve your study techniques

MapCapt 2.55 English
MapCapt 2.55

Download maps from Internet to load them in your GPS

StreamAuthor 4.0.3308 English
StreamAuthor 4.0.3308

The most complete e-Learning application available

eXe 1.04.1 rev3590 English
eXe 1.04.1 rev3590

Tool that makes it easier to create and publish educational contents

PixGPS 1.1.8 English
PixGPS 1.1.8

Simple mode to tag images geographically

goot 1.0.1 English
goot 1.0.1

Brilliant open source modular translator

Rlab 2.1.05b English
Rlab 2.1.05b

Develop your own maths applications with this quick program

Seterra 4.02.10 English
Seterra 4.02.10

Learn geography with these entertaining activities

Nar Dictionary 2.1 English

Translate almost instantly to several languages