Educational Software for Windows (Page 7)

Among our educational software for Windows you'll find loads of programs to learn and expand your knowledge about any discipline, science or topic

EyeSpeak English

Practice your English pronunciation at home

TheSage's English Dictionary and Thesaurus 7.28.2686 English

Excellent English dictionary and thesaurus

WikSpeak 1.1 English

Learn how to pronounce words properly in English

Picword 1.8 English
Picword 1.8

Practical tool that will allow you to learn up to 6 languages

ESBCalc 7.3.1 English
ESBCalc 7.3.1

Very complete calculator with scientific options

Cosmos Globalbase Viewer B.b17.13 English

View the globe with various options

Multicalc 4.3 English

Calculator conceived to calculate time

HEXelon MAX 6.07.08 English
HEXelon MAX 6.07.08

Finish complicated math calculations very quickly

Limix Geometric 1.3.25 English

Calculate the area and surface of any geometric shape

CCDA Practice Tests English

Practice as many Cisco tests as possible before taking the exam

Malted 3 English

Teach languages with this 100% educational application

WordFox 1.0.4 English
WordFox 1.0.4

Prepare your exams by creating tests

010 Memorizer 1.2 English

Memorize numbers using words

Microsoft Desktop Player English

Discover the new learning platform by Microsoft

Zhu3D 4.2.2 English
Zhu3D 4.2.2

View any mathematical function in 3D

Roadnav 0.19 English
Roadnav 0.19

Complete GPS navigator for your PC

MapCapt 2.55 English
MapCapt 2.55

Download maps from Internet to load them in your GPS

DeltaGIS 8.3 Express English
DeltaGIS 8.3 Express

Manage all kinds of information for your GPS

Sharky Neural Network English

View neural networks and learn how they work

Dictionary .NET 9.6.7009 English
Dictionary .NET 9.6.7009

Translate any text almost instantly

Talking Translator Pro 1.9.4 English

Easily translate whichever text you want

Sky Charts 4.2.1 English
Sky Charts 4.2.1

Hundreds of star charts in a single program

Earth3D 1.0.5 English
Earth3D 1.0.5

View the changes to Earth in real time

Salsaroc Salsa Shines 1.09 English
Salsaroc Salsa Shines 1.09

Learn to dance Salsa thanks to this odd tool

Spell Magic 5.3.2 English

Proofread your texts to detect spelling errors

Iris 5.59 English
Iris 5.59

Editor specially designed for astronomy images

Web Translator 8.31 English

Translate web sites into 10 different languages

Spanish Orthography 2.1 English

A digital book to learn Spanish orthography

Abacux Premium 4.1.1 English
Abacux Premium 4.1.1

Calculus program developed for chemists, physicists and architects

Graph English

Excellent application to draw maths graphs

FindGraph 2.611 English
FindGraph 2.611

Powerful program to generate tables and 2D graphs

ElectroMIL 1.0.0 English
ElectroMIL 1.0.0

The ideal tool for electrical engineers

MultiTranse 7.0 English

Online translator that makes use of multiple free resources

NASA World Wind 1.4 English

Travel the world from your PC's desktop

Calq 1.3.1 English
Calq 1.3.1

A basic calculator that is always available

AnimatLab 2.1.5 English
AnimatLab 2.1.5

Tool for biomechanical simulation and neural networks

Numberator 3.2 English

Transform any number into written text in a foreign language

jDictionary 1.8 English

Fast and functional vocabulary translator

Teachmaster 4.3 English

Practice your vocabulary and learn new words

pass First Certificate 1.0.2 English

A great tool to pass the First Certificate in English