Educational Software for Windows (Page 8)

Among our educational software for Windows you'll find loads of programs to learn and expand your knowledge about any discipline, science or topic

Babelbox 3.0 English

Widget to translate directly from your desktop

Spanish Orthography 2.1 English

A digital book to learn Spanish orthography

Beatles Booklet 5.0 English

Complete information about The Beatles

Versaverter 4.5 English

Easily convert measurement units

Converber 2.3.1 English
Converber 2.3.1

Convert between different units

OfiCalc 10.1 English
OfiCalc 10.1

Incredible scientific calculator that also include a personal organizer

Abacux Premium 4.1.1 English
Abacux Premium 4.1.1

Calculus program developed for chemists, physicists and architects

Stellarium 0.18.3 English
Stellarium 0.18.3

Interesting application that lets you see the universe on your computer

MecaNet 21.04.01 English
MecaNet 21.04.01

The best typing course for Windows PC

Selingua 5.2 English

Learn languages in the most entertaining way

Graph English

Excellent application to draw maths graphs

EniG. Periodic Table of the Elements 2.11 English

Free periodic table of elements with many extra features

Periodic Table 2.1 English

Discover the features of each of the chemical elements

RAW Materials 3.0 English

Practical weight, area and price calculator for materials

FindGraph 2.611 English
FindGraph 2.611

Powerful program to generate tables and 2D graphs

My Personal Translator 4.17 English

Translate documents, texts and full web pages

WebDicty 2.4 English

Find definitions in several languages with a single click

Earth Explorer 6.1 English

3D atlas made up by satellite images

ElectroMIL 1.0.0 English
ElectroMIL 1.0.0

The ideal tool for electrical engineers

Celestia 1.6.1 English
Celestia 1.6.1

Travel around the Universe from your PC