Fonts for Windows

Add new text typefaces to those that appear by default on your computer thanks to the font customization software for Windows included in this section

Font Creator 6.2 English

Create fonts for your documents

MacType 1.17.0628 English
MacType 1.17.0628

Get hold of fonts like those of Mac

Suitcase Fusion 4 English

Manage your PC's fonts

ClearType Tuner English

Configure how to view text on your screen

MSN Font Color Editor 4.2 English

Choose the font color for your Messenger

NexusFont 2.6.2 English
NexusFont 2.6.2

View and manage all the fonts stored on your computer

FontEXPRO 1.1.0 English
FontEXPRO 1.1.0

Manage the fonts installed on your PC

FontFrenzy 1.5.152 English
FontFrenzy 1.5.152

A brilliant font manager for Windows

SkyFonts English

Download the fonts of Google Fonts