Games for PC (Page 10)

Bring out your inner gamer and make the most of these games for PC: from graphic adventures to actions games, as well as the most classic video games

Real Pool 1.0 English

A realistic pool simulator

Wii U USB Helper English
Wii U USB Helper

Game emulator that incorporates a download client

RetroPie 4.5 English

Bring back your favorite games from yesteryear

RACE Injection English
RACE Injection

Professional drivign simulator

Swamp Attack English

Defend your house from the swamp's creatures

Minecraft Server 1.14.3 English

Create your own Minecraft Server

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare English

The war of the future lands on Call of Duty

Royal Revolt 2 English

The second part of Royal Revolt

QuizUp 4.0.9 English
QuizUp 4.0.9

Make friends by answering questions

Penguins' Journey English

Heading to Antarctica!

Chuzzle Deluxe 1.0 English
Chuzzle Deluxe 1.0

Wipe out a plague of colorful hairy bugs

Luxor 3 English

Eliminate the God of Chaos by eliminating color balls

Zoo Tycoon 2 English

Manage your own zoo

Naruto Mugen 2002.04.14 English
Naruto Mugen 2002.04.14

Take on the role of Naruto and get ready to fight

Snes9x 1.60 English
Snes9x 1.60

SNES or Super Nintendo emulator for PC

Colin McRae DIRT English

Become a rally legend without leaving your home

Xpadder 5.3 English
Xpadder 5.3

Play with a gamepad at games that don't allow it

SCUM English

Multiplayer survival game

Sociable Soccer English

Unleash all your footballing adrenaline in this 3D game

Helicopter Rescue Flight Simulator English

Rescue helicopter simulator

Mou English

Pou for Windows

Scratch 3.4.0 English
Scratch 3.4.0

Create your own games and interactive stories with this app

Empire Total War English

Relive the most important wars of the 18th century

Watchmen The End is Nigh English
Watchmen The End is Nigh

Take on the role of the heroes from The Watchmen film

Mario Bros & Luigi English

A Nintendo classic now free for PC

Commandos: Strike Force English

An FPS based on the renowned 'Commandos' saga

IDC Games English
IDC Games

Platform for downloading video games for PC

Football Club Simulator - FCS 18 English

Become the coach, manager, and chairman of your own football club

Cheats for GTA English

All the cheats available for Grand Theft Auto

VisualBoyAdvance-M 2.1.0 English

Game Boy emulator for PC

Titanfall 2 English

The much-awaited sequel to Titanfall

Civilization VI English

Eighth installment of one of the best turn-based strategy games

Motorsport Manager English

Become the manager of a Formula 1 team

Gunship Sniper Shooting Assault English

Neutralize the terrorist threat

March of Empires English

Lead your empire and conquer all your enemies

Helicopter Simulator 3D English

Entertaining helicopter simulator

Dungeon Hunter 5 English

Fifth instalment of the Dungeon Hunters saga

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride English

Strange things are happening in Ravenbrook

Amnesia: The Dark Descent 1.0.1 English

Live a gloomy horror story

Game Downloader 4.0 English

Free games for your PC