Games for PC (Page 30)

Bring out your inner gamer and make the most of these games for PC: from graphic adventures to actions games, as well as the most classic video games

Green Moon English

Travel in Time and discover the secrets of each time period

Cyber-Wing English

Enjoy this great real-time strategy game

Wizard Land 1.10 English

Complete each puzzle to restore peace in the world of wizards

Zombilution 1.2 English

Create your own zombie army and terrorize the population

The Legend of Vraz English

Enjoy yourself rescuing a princess in this platform game

New Star Tennis 1.08 English

Become a world famous tennis star

Pirate Princess English

Become the queen of the seas

Serious Sam Forever Multiplayer English
Serious Sam Forever Multiplayer

New instalment of this entertaining action shooter game

Total Extreme Wrestling 2010 English

Manage the schedule and earnings of a wrestler

Dark Void English

Manage to stay alive in this incredible shooter

Blood Frontier 0.85.2 English

Eliminate the infected to save the human race

The Keep 1.01d English
The Keep 1.01d

Practical information manager for role-playing games

AstroSynthesis 3.0 English

Generate your own universes for Sci-Fi games

Bubble Train 1.0 English

A Zuma clone with plenty of interesting options

Battleswarm Field of Honor 0.182.0153 English
Battleswarm Field of Honor 0.182.0153

Live the action on both sides and from different points of view

Dundjinni 1.0.7 English
Dundjinni 1.0.7

Create maps and settings for your role-playing games

PCGen 6.06.01 English
PCGen 6.06.01

An application to create RPG character sheets

MahJong Suite 15.0 English

Choose a board and remove all the counters

RACE On English

Car racing game based on the Touring Car championship

TibiaBot NG 5.1.0 English

Make sure your Tibia game is going full steam ahead

Micro Flight 7.0.0 English

Fly the skies thanks to this light flight simulator

Runes of Magic English

Enjoy a totally free online role playing game

FooBillard 3.0 English

Play different billiards modalities on your PC

Combat Arms English

Online action game that will hook you from the very first day

Ludicrous 1 English

Destroy the cyborgs in this space shooter

Memory Games 5.0 English

Exercise your memory with this entertaining game

Wendys Wellness English

Build and manage your own wellness center

Reto Multiplicado English

Learn the multiplication tables with this entertaining game

PySyCache 3.1b English
PySyCache 3.1b

Learn to use the mouse with these kids games

Torus Games 5.6.2 English

Eight entertaining games to have fun and exercise our mind

Sacraboar English

Lead your own pig army to victory

PoxNora English

Online game that combines turn-based strategy and a collectible card game

QuantZ English

A new dimension in the world of puzzle games

The Black Heart 1.2.1 English

Original bloody fighting game based on M.U.G.E.N

Fallout 3 English

Find your father in a devastated world

Unreal Engine (UDK) 2011 10 English

Develop games using Unreal Engine 3

Magic The Gathering Online English

Play the online version of your favorite trading card game

Exteel English

Turn your robot into the most powerful one in the Universe

Costume Chaos English

Manage your own costume shop in this entertaining game

Snow Queen Mahjong English

Enjoy one of the world's oldest board games on your PC