Games for PC (Page 6)

Bring out your inner gamer and make the most of these games for PC: from graphic adventures to actions games, as well as the most classic video games

Crossy Road English
Crossy Road

Avoid being run over and advance as much as you can

Friday the 13th English

The video game based on the movie Friday the 13th

Scratch 3.18.1 English
Scratch 3.18.1

Create your own games and interactive stories with this app

Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition 2 English

Enjoy Dragon Ball Z combats

The Sims 4 Create a Sim English

Create your own Sim and export it to The Sims 4

Tactical Intervention English

FPS full of strategy and action

Dyna Blaster English

Make your enemies explode in this great classic

New Super Mario Forever 2015 1.0 English

A new Mario Bros clone

Gods of Rome English
Gods of Rome

The Roman Gods fighting game

Hello Neighbor 2 0.1a English

The sequel to Hello Neighbor

Multi Theft Auto 1.5.7 English

Online gaming function for GTA: San Andreas

The Conquerors Age of Empires 2 Expansion English
The Conquerors Age of Empires 2 Expansion

Expansion of one of the best strategy games in history

Minecraft Server 1.16.4 English

Create your own Minecraft Server

FlatOut 2 English

Be the first survivor to reach the finish line

Tomb Raider Anniversary English

Remake of the classic Tomb Raider

Half-Life English

The first installment of one of the classic 3D shooters

Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition English
Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition

Discover the beginning of street fighting

Super Mario World Deluxe English

Decent version of Mario Bros. for PC

The Sims 2 Create a Sim English
The Sims 2 Create a Sim

Create your like-alike Sim or invent a new character

The Forest 0.52b English
The Forest 0.52b

Survive the cannibals on mysterious island

Emily Wants to Play English

A terrifying adventure that will give you the shivers

Cars English

Take part in all Lightning McQueen's adventures

Delta Force: Xtreme 2 English

Lead the best special operations team in the world

Super Smash Bros Crusade 0.9.2 English

Fighting game with characters from famous video games

Undertale English

The RPG in which you won't have to kill anyone

Minecraft Modinstaller 5.0.8 English

An installer for Minecraft mods

Angry Birds Space 1.6.0 English

Play with the renowned angry birds now in space

Last Man Standing English

LMS, there can only be one survivor

Civilization V English

A real revolution in the turn-based strategy world

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 English

Prove your skill with a golf club in this great game

R4 3DS Emulator 5.5 English

Nintendo 3DS emulator

Street Fighter V English

A new Street Fighter game

Batman: Arkham Asylum English

Enter the Arkham madhouse and avoid that your enemies cause chaos in Gotham City

Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 3 1.155 English

Play Yu-Gi-Oh! against players from all over the world

Cyberpunk 2077 English

The search for immortality in a bleak future

Pokemon Global Revolution 0.9.0 English

Take on the role of a real Pokémon trainer

Commandos: Strike Force English

An FPS based on the renowned 'Commandos' saga

Windows 7 Games for Windows 8 and 10 2 English

Install Minesweeper and Solitaire on Windows 10

Medieval 2 Total War English

One of the best real-time strategy games

Assassin's Creed Odyssey English

Travel to Ancient Greece with Assassin's Creed