Games for PC (Page 7)

Bring out your inner gamer and make the most of these games for PC: from graphic adventures to actions games, as well as the most classic video games

Emily Wants to Play English

A terrifying adventure that will give you the shivers

iCEnhancer 3.0 English

Great MOD for Grand Theft Auto 4

Sniper Elite V2 English

Become a sniper in World War II

Super Smash Bros Crusade 0.9.2 English

Fighting game with characters from famous video games

iRacing English

The car racing game accessible by means of a subscription

Street Fighter V English

A new Street Fighter game

Max Payne 3 English

Images from the third Max Payne instalment

Apex Legends English

A battle royale shooter that intends to compete with Fortnite and Overwatch

Last Man Standing English

LMS, there can only be one survivor

Windows 7 Games for Windows 8 and 10 2 English

Install Minesweeper and Solitaire on Windows 10

World of Warcraft 9.0.2 English

Try out the most popular MMORPG in the world

Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars English
Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars

The Tiberium wars are still being fought

Outlast English

Mental hospital with terrible secrets

The Chess Lv.100 English

Chess game for Windows

Warblade 1.34 English
Warblade 1.34

Space shooter based on Deluxe Galaga

The Pinnacle of V 1.8.1 English

The best GTA V mod

Overkill 3 English
Overkill 3

A violent future in which you'll have to take part

James Bond 007 NightFire English

Take on the role of James Bond in this incredible game

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order English

Third-person action game set in the Star Wars universe

R4 3DS Emulator 5.5 English

Nintendo 3DS emulator

PC Building Simulator 0.01 English

Build your own PC with all the components necessary

German Truck Simulator 1.32 English

Sit behind the wheel of a truck and deliver your load

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle 4.14.4 English

Dragon Ball is back on your PC

Project CARS 2 English

The most realistic car game

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 English

Live Harry Potter's adventures in a world built with LEGO

No$gba 2.9b English
No$gba 2.9b

Nintendo DS and GameBoy Advance emulator for PC

Diablo 3 English

Third instalment of the Diablo saga

Rocket League English

Now cars also play football

Counter Strike 1.6 Z-Bot English

Mod to play Counter Strick with AI-controlled bots

FIFA Online 2 English

Compete in the best football tournaments against players from all over the world

MameUI32 2.0.5 English
MameUI32 2.0.5

The arcade game emulator par excellence

Pokémon Uranium 1.2.4 English

Play this fan-made Pokémon game

FlatOut 2 English

Be the first survivor to reach the finish line

TrackMania Nations Forever 2.11.26 English

Take part in races on all kinds of circuits

rFactor 1.255 English
rFactor 1.255

Play on a great racing simulator

Spore Creature Creator 14.0 English

Create your Spore species to conquer the Universe

The Asian Dynasties Age of Empires 3 Expansion English
The Asian Dynasties Age of Empires 3 Expansion

Age of Empires experiences the magic of the Far East

LEGO Batman English

Protect Gotham City with a Batman made of LEGO bricks

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 English

Prove your skill with a golf club in this great game

Tomb Raider Legend English

A new Lara Croft adventure