Internet Software for Windows (Page 10)

All the applications you need to be able to improve your experience as an Internet user can be found in our collection of Internet software for PC

Morpheus Turbo Booster 7.4.0 English

Speed up your downloads using Morpheus

Imesh Acceleration Patch 6.1.1 English

Speed up your downloads by means of iMesh

SpeedyFox 2.0.25 English
SpeedyFox 2.0.25

Make Firefox quicker than ever

MSN Toolbar 4.0.360.0 English
MSN Toolbar 4.0.360.0

Toolbar to work with MSN services

Firefox Sync 1.8 English

Synchronize your data between different Firefox versions

Password Exporter 1.2.1 English

Use your passwords on any computer

Opera USB 12.18 English
Opera USB 12.18

Take one of the best browsers wherever you go

KIDO'Z English

A web browser for kids

Jetpack 0.8.2 English
Jetpack 0.8.2

Powerful add-on for Firefox to create your own add-ons

MyGoBar 2.6 English
MyGoBar 2.6

Access any web from your desktop

SpiffCast 1.0.25936 English
SpiffCast 1.0.25936

Access your multimedia library from any location in the world

ZumoDrive 0.989 English
ZumoDrive 0.989

Gain extra storage space and access your files from any PC

Habari 0.9.1 English
Habari 0.9.1

Easy-to-use CMS with a sober design

SkipScreen 0.7.0 English
SkipScreen 0.7.0

Reduce the waiting time for your direct downloads 1.4.16 English 1.4.16

All your music from on Firefox

Lunascape 6.15.2 English
Lunascape 6.15.2

Trident, Gecko and WebKit on the same browser

Textpattern 4.7.3 English

CMS manager for webpages

Better GReader 0.8.3 English

Configure Google Reader's interface

Ygoow 2.0 RC 8 English
Ygoow 2.0 RC 8

A simple and stable P2M client

Oxite 2009.2.15 English
Oxite 2009.2.15

Microsoft's alternative to WordPress

Gladinet 4.0.1027 English
Gladinet 4.0.1027

Online applications and storage integrated in your Desktop

Faroo 3.5.1030 English
Faroo 3.5.1030

Great alternative to Google to search for data

Repair IE 2.2 English

Repair and customize Internet Explorer's functions

StExBar 1.10.0 English
StExBar 1.10.0

Upgrade your Windows Explorer bar with new options

Plain Text to Link 1.5.20080618 English
Plain Text to Link 1.5.20080618

Convert plain text to web links

BetterSearch 5.2 English

Improve the information offered by Internet search engines

Yoono 7.7.29 English
Yoono 7.7.29

Share contents on social networks while you browse

InfoRSS 1.4.2 English
InfoRSS 1.4.2

Keep up with what's going on while you browse

Open It Online 3.2.2 English

Open documents and images on the cloud

Interclue 1.6.3 English
Interclue 1.6.3

Preview the content of links

Iron 71.0.3700.0 English
Iron 71.0.3700.0

Web browser based on Google Chrome that improves the user's privacy

ScribeFire English

Write your posts while you browse

Tab Mix Plus English
Tab Mix Plus

Improve tab-based browsing in Firefox

Organize Status Bar 0.6.4 English

Organise Firefox's status bars

FireGestures 1.7.12 English
FireGestures 1.7.12

Speed up your browsing with mouse gestures

PermaTabs Mod 1.9.3 English

Avoid closing tabs accidentally

Hotmail for Thunderbird 1.5.1 English

Access Hotmail from Thunderbird

Facebook Toolbar 1.8.2 English

Integrate Facebook into Firefox

Xmarks 4.2.1 English
Xmarks 4.2.1

Synchronise Firefox bookmarks between different computers

FoxClocks 5.1.5 English
FoxClocks 5.1.5

View what time it is anywhere in the World