Internet Software for Windows (Page 3)

All the applications you need to be able to improve your experience as an Internet user can be found in our collection of Internet software for PC

Siphon 0.9.8 English
Siphon 0.9.8

Import your Firefox add-ons to any computer

Goona Browser English
Goona Browser

Choose WebKit or Gecko with this practical browser

TweakMASTER PRO 3.60 English
TweakMASTER PRO 3.60

Optimize your Internet connection speed substantially

BearShare Acceleration Patch English

Get the best download speed for your BearShare files

Max Internet Optimizer English

Improve your Internet speed up to 400%

Arora 0.11.0 English
Arora 0.11.0

Quick and lightweight browser based on Webkit

ExitReality English

View your favorite web pages in a 3D environment

LimeWire Acceleration Patch English

Optimize the speed of LimeWire downloads

Maxthon Cloud Browser English
Maxthon Cloud Browser

A browser with all the utilities you need

Google Toolbar Internet Explorer 7.5.4413.1752 English

Add dozens of new functions to Internet Explorer

Exodus Wallet 20.5.22 English
Exodus Wallet 20.5.22

Manage your cryptocurrency wallet

Vivaldi 3.0.1874.32 English
Vivaldi 3.0.1874.32

The browser for demanding users

Electrum 3.1.3 English
Electrum 3.1.3

Lightweight client to store Bitcoins

PirateBrowser 0.6b English

The browser by The Pirate Bay

Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 English
Bitcoin Core 0.16.3

The official Bitcoin client to keep your coins on your PC

Screaming Frog SEO Spider 13.0 English

SEO auditing on all kinds of websites

Xenu 1.3.8 English
Xenu 1.3.8

Check the broken links of your web

Site Specific Browser 4 English

Easily create executables from websites

CoolNovo English

Enhanced version of Chrome

RightToClick 2.9.5 English

Enable right clicking where it wasn't possible

Internet Explorer 9 English

The most advanced version of Microsoft's browser

Flash Player Internet Explorer English

Access and make the most of interactive Internet contents

Shareaza Turbo Accelerator English

Increase Shareaza's download speed

Tampermonkey 4.8.41 English
Tampermonkey 4.8.41

A script manager for Chrome

Polarity 9.3.9 English
Polarity 9.3.9

A sustainable browser

Citrio 50.0.2661.276 English
Citrio 50.0.2661.276

Fast and complete browser

MEGAsync 4.2.3 English
MEGAsync 4.2.3

The official MEGA client for PC

younity 1.6.0 English
younity 1.6.0

Create your own private cloud to access your files from your mobile

Zeta Uploader English
Zeta Uploader

Send large-sized files to your contacts

Amazon Cloud Drive English

Access Cloud Drive from your desktop

Autofill Forms 0.1.0 English

Fill in forms automatically

Web to date 8.0 English

Create your own website

QupZilla 2.2.6 English
QupZilla 2.2.6

An incredibly light browser

SurDoc English

Store your important data on the cloud

Alfresco Community 6.0.7 English
Alfresco Community 6.0.7

Open source content management system

gui:config 1.10.3 English
gui:config 1.10.3

Access Firefox's hidden options

Toolbar Cleaner English
Toolbar Cleaner

A simple way to remove toolbars

Internet Explorer 10 English

The latest version of Microsoft's browser

Image Picker 1.6.2 English

Download all the images of a website

ReloadEvery 17.0.0 English
ReloadEvery 17.0.0

Automatically reload a website on Firefox