Internet Software for Windows (Page 3)

All the applications you need to be able to improve your experience as an Internet user can be found in our collection of Internet software for PC

feedly 16.0.528.1 English
feedly 16.0.528.1

RSS feed reader

IE Tab 2.0.20120203 for Firefox English
IE Tab 2.0.20120203 for Firefox

View websites as if you visited them with Internet Explorer

Liri Browser 0.3 English

Web browser with Material Design

Mega Desktop 0.75 Beta English
Mega Desktop 0.75 Beta

New client for MEGA

FoxyProxy Standard 6.3 English
FoxyProxy Standard 6.3

Increase the configuration options of your proxy connections

SlimBrowser English

Small browser with very useful options

eMule Acceleration Patch English

Give eMule that touch of speed it needed

SpeedBit Video Accelerator English

Play videos on YouTube without interruptions

Full Speed 3.6 English

Accelerate your Internet browsing and downloads

Simple Net Speed 1.4 English

Optimise the speed of your Internet connection in seconds

Shockwave Player English
Shockwave Player

The add-on to play multimedia Flash contents in 3D

Dillo 3.0.5 English
Dillo 3.0.5

A retro web browser

MxNitro English

The fastest browser you can find

Cryptocat 3.1.11 English
Cryptocat 3.1.11

Chat with message encryption

PirateBrowser 0.6b English

The browser by The Pirate Bay

Free Monitor for Google English

Improve your site's SEO positioning in Google

Arora 0.11.0 English
Arora 0.11.0

Quick and lightweight browser based on Webkit

Ygoow 2.0 RC 8 English
Ygoow 2.0 RC 8

A simple and stable P2M client

LimeWire Acceleration Patch English

Optimize the speed of LimeWire downloads

Google Web Accelerator English

Make use of Google's servers to improve your browsing speed

Guarda Wallet 1.0.12 English

Software for the management of a crypto-currency portfolio

Public Fox 2.0.1 English
Public Fox 2.0.1

Block the download of files from the Internet

Vivaldi 3.5.2115.87 English
Vivaldi 3.5.2115.87

The browser for demanding users

YouTube Center 2.1.0 English

Enjoy more playback options on YouTube

Tonido English

Create your own storage network on the cloud

4shared Desktop 4.0.11 English

Store your files on the cloud

Chrome Frame 15.0.874.121 English
Chrome Frame 15.0.874.121

Integrate Chrome's speed into Internet Explorer

CoolPreviews 3.9 English

Preview webpages without accessing them

Safe Surfer 4.2 English

Block pages and pop-ups while you browse the Internet

IE Accelerator 3.12 English

Increase your browser's speed

FlashGot English

Integrate your favorite download manager into Firefox

Fasterfox 3.9.85 English
Fasterfox 3.9.85

Improve the performance of Firefox

Google Toolbar Internet Explorer 7.5.4413.1752 English

Add dozens of new functions to Internet Explorer

Netscape English

The best web browser from the past century

Opera Neon 1.0.2531.0 English
Opera Neon 1.0.2531.0

Opera's browser with a modern design

Maelstrom English

Web browsing via torrents to avoid censorship

CometBird 11.0 English
CometBird 11.0

A fast and very comfortable browser

Sundance Web Browser English

A very fast alternative browser

Waterfox English

64-bit Mozilla Firefox

AniWeather 0.8.37 English
AniWeather 0.8.37

Firefox add-on to get to know the weather forecast