Internet Software for Windows (Page 4)

All the applications you need to be able to improve your experience as an Internet user can be found in our collection of Internet software for PC

Max Internet Optimizer English

Improve your Internet speed up to 400%

Prism 1.0b3 Beta English
Prism 1.0b3 Beta

Transform online applications into desktop programs

DownThemAll 2.0.17 English
DownThemAll 2.0.17

Download manager integrated into Firefox

User Agent Switcher 0.2.4 English

Tool to switch the user agent used

Web to date 8.0 English

Create your own website

Missing e 2.14.3 English
Missing e 2.14.3

Add some extra options to Tumblr

Power Twitter 2.02 English

Find out what's behind the links posted on Twitter

Facebook Phishing Protector 4.3.2 English

Protect your data from phishing on Facebook

F.B. Purity 8.7.0 English

Choose what will be shown on your Facebook home page

Image Picker 1.6.2 English

Download all the images of a website

Print Edit 24.0 English

Customise the aspect of a web before printing it

Echofon 2.2.2 English
Echofon 2.2.2

Twitter client integrated into Firefox

Google Wave 0.0.3 English

New wave notifier for Firefox

Full Speed 3.6 English

Accelerate your Internet browsing and downloads

Fasterfox 3.9.85 English
Fasterfox 3.9.85

Improve the performance of Firefox

Vivaldi 3.3.2022.36 English
Vivaldi 3.3.2022.36

The browser for demanding users

Armory 0.96.0 English
Armory 0.96.0

A desktop client for Bitcoin with advanced options

Cryptocat 3.1.11 English
Cryptocat 3.1.11

Chat with message encryption

CommaFeed 1.0 English

A feed reader similar to Google Reader

Ank Pixiv Tool 3.0.12 English

Download manga images from Pixiv

Stylish 3.1.8 English
Stylish 3.1.8

Customize the visual aspect of your favorite web pages

GreenBrowser 6.9.1223 English
GreenBrowser 6.9.1223

Browser with dozens of options based on Internet Explorer

Firefox Dictionary English 8.1.1 English
Firefox Dictionary English 8.1.1

Spell checker for Firefox

Simple Net Speed 1.4 English

Optimise the speed of your Internet connection in seconds

IP Lookup 2.0.092606 English
IP Lookup 2.0.092606

Lookup one or various IP's and domain owners with this software

IE Accelerator 3.12 English

Increase your browser's speed

Maxthon Cloud Browser English
Maxthon Cloud Browser

A browser with all the utilities you need

Flock 2.6.1 English
Flock 2.6.1

Integrate social networks into your browser

Google Toolbar Internet Explorer 7.5.4413.1752 English

Add dozens of new functions to Internet Explorer

Disable automatic tab discarding 1.0.4 English

Disable automatic tab discarding

Public Fox 2.0.1 English
Public Fox 2.0.1

Block the download of files from the Internet 6.2.0 English

The CMS par excellence arrives on the desktop

Maelstrom English

Web browsing via torrents to avoid censorship

CometBird 11.0 English
CometBird 11.0

A fast and very comfortable browser

Waterfox English

64-bit Mozilla Firefox

Pale Moon 28.8.2 English
Pale Moon 28.8.2

Browser based on Firefox that's even faster

Kylo 1.1.1 English
Kylo 1.1.1

The only browser adapted to use the Internet from a conventional television

SlimBrowser English

Small browser with very useful options

JavaScript Debugger 0.9.89 English

JavaScript debugging environment

FireShot English

Take screen captures from Firefox