Internet Software for Windows (Page 4)

All the applications you need to be able to improve your experience as an Internet user can be found in our collection of Internet software for PC

Kylo 1.1.1 English
Kylo 1.1.1

The only browser adapted to use the Internet from a conventional television

Sleipnir English

The browser with the most customization options

Comodo Dragon 70.0.3538.110 English
Comodo Dragon 70.0.3538.110

Discover the safest way to browse the Internet

Google Wave 0.0.3 English

New wave notifier for Firefox

Chrome Frame 15.0.874.121 English
Chrome Frame 15.0.874.121

Integrate Chrome's speed into Internet Explorer

eMule Acceleration Patch English

Give eMule that touch of speed it needed

SpeedBit Video Accelerator English

Play videos on YouTube without interruptions

Wyzo 3.6.4 English
Wyzo 3.6.4

Browser with an integrated BitTorrent client

Picnik 2.3 English
Picnik 2.3

A photo editor for Firefox

ColorZilla 3.3 English

Discover the color code of a website

Firebug 2.0 English
Firebug 2.0

Ideal add-on for all web developers

Snowl 0.4 beta English
Snowl 0.4 beta

Keep up with what's going on thanks to Firefox

Speed Dial English
Speed Dial

Fast access to your favorite webs

Simple Net Speed 1.4 English

Optimise the speed of your Internet connection in seconds

Fast Video Download 4.2.5 English

Download videos from the Internet with a couple of clicks

IE Tab 2.0.20120203 for Firefox English
IE Tab 2.0.20120203 for Firefox

View websites as if you visited them with Internet Explorer

IE Accelerator 3.12 English

Increase your browser's speed

FireFTP 2.0.31 English
FireFTP 2.0.31

An FTP client on your browser

Throttle English

Optimize the speed at which you browse the Internet

Fasterfox 3.9.85 English
Fasterfox 3.9.85

Improve the performance of Firefox

Shockwave Player English
Shockwave Player

The add-on to play multimedia Flash contents in 3D

Public Fox 2.0.1 English
Public Fox 2.0.1

Block the download of files from the Internet

Yandex.Disk 4.58.1 English

Store documents, photos, and videos on the cloud

BriskBard 1.6.2 English
BriskBard 1.6.2

The multifunction browser that brings together loads of tools

Google Backup and Sync English

Backups for your files on Google Drive and Google Photos

AdBlock for Edge English

Get rid of the adverts

MxNitro English

The fastest browser you can find

Fireclam 0.8.2 English
Fireclam 0.8.2

Scan the files you download with Firefox

GDocsDrive 3.1 English

Client for Google Docs

xCloud English

Share files between a PC and a mobile device

Superbird 78.0.3904.87 English
Superbird 78.0.3904.87

Web browser based on Chrome

MEGA extension 1.0.3 English

Mega's official add-on for Firefox

MediaFire Express Beta English
MediaFire Express Beta

Access your MediaFire files very easily

Bitcasa English

Your external hard drive on the cloud

CloudDeck 0.4.2 English
CloudDeck 0.4.2

The music browser

Photobucket Uploader 1.3.3 English

Upload images from the Internet to your Photobucket profile

TuneTune 1.1 English

Download the audio of YouTube videos in MP3 format

Right Inbox 5.0.0 English

Schedule when to send emails in Gmail

CMS Made Simple 2.2.10 English

Create your personal blog on the Internet

Volunia English

Search on the Internet with results on social networks