Internet Software for Windows (Page 5)

All the applications you need to be able to improve your experience as an Internet user can be found in our collection of Internet software for PC

Password Exporter 1.2.1 English

Use your passwords on any computer

TV-FOX English

More than 2,500 TV channels live from Firefox

Oxite 2009.2.15 English
Oxite 2009.2.15

Microsoft's alternative to WordPress

ColorZilla 3.3 English

Discover the color code of a website

Cooliris Firefox 1.12 English

Transform your Firefox into a multimedia explorer

Adblock Plus for Firefox 3.11.2 English

Block Internet adverts

XipXip Toolbar Internet Explorer English

The most complete toolbar for Internet Explorer

K-Meleon 75.1 English
K-Meleon 75.1

Quick and light web browser based on Firefox

Unhide Passwords English

Show your complete passwords without asterisks

Google Web Accelerator English

Make use of Google's servers to improve your browsing speed

Disable automatic tab discarding 1.0.4 English

Disable automatic tab discarding

Public Fox 2.0.1 English
Public Fox 2.0.1

Block the download of files from the Internet

BriskBard 1.6.2 English
BriskBard 1.6.2

The multifunction browser that brings together loads of tools

TeamDrive 4.6.1 English
TeamDrive 4.6.1

Synchronize your data with speed and security

Wajam 2.13 English
Wajam 2.13

Add social functions to your searches on the Internet

Extreme URL Generator English

Generate URL lists automatically

Disqus 2.74 English
Disqus 2.74

Blog and webpage comment system

MEGA extension 1.0.3 English

Mega's official add-on for Firefox

Bitcasa English

Your external hard drive on the cloud

MegaCloud English

Access all your files from different devices

BlogsBot 1.5 English

Manage all the contents of your blogs

Dataprius 7.4 English

Save your files on the cloud

Umbraco 4.8.0 English
Umbraco 4.8.0

Discover a new way to create a blog

Ank Pixiv Tool 3.0.12 English

Download manga images from Pixiv

4shared Desktop 4.0.11 English

Store your files on the cloud

DomainHostingView 1.81 English

Find out information and details about a domain

Toolbar Cleaner English
Toolbar Cleaner

A simple way to remove toolbars

Pale Moon English
Pale Moon

Browser based on Firefox that's even faster

Traffic Travis 4.3.0 English

Collection of positioning tools

Dooble 2021.02.20 English
Dooble 2021.02.20

Open source browser that pays special attention to the user's privacy

Embed Facebook 2.0 English

Embed Facebook contents within WordPress pages

Windows Live Mesh 2011 English

Synchronize files and data between PCs and the Internet

Kylo 1.1.1 English
Kylo 1.1.1

The only browser adapted to use the Internet from a conventional television

P2PTurbo 1 English

Improve the performance of your file sharing programs

BuddyPress 7.3.0 English
BuddyPress 7.3.0

Create a social network on your WordPress blog

eMule Acceleration Patch English

Give eMule that touch of speed it needed

Opera USB 12.18 English
Opera USB 12.18

Take one of the best browsers wherever you go

SkipScreen 0.7.0 English
SkipScreen 0.7.0

Reduce the waiting time for your direct downloads

Faroo 3.5.1030 English
Faroo 3.5.1030

Great alternative to Google to search for data

Firebug 2.0 English
Firebug 2.0

Ideal add-on for all web developers