Internet Software for Windows (Page 5)

All the applications you need to be able to improve your experience as an Internet user can be found in our collection of Internet software for PC

Google Chrome Channel Chooser 2.0 English

Choose Google Chrome's update channel

Repair IE 2.2 English

Repair and customize Internet Explorer's functions

Tab Mix Plus English
Tab Mix Plus

Improve tab-based browsing in Firefox

Facebook Toolbar 1.8.2 English

Integrate Facebook into Firefox

DownThemAll 2.0.17 English
DownThemAll 2.0.17

Download manager integrated into Firefox

Download Statusbar 0.9.10 English

An alternative download manager for Firefox

Adblock Plus for Firefox 3.4.1 English

Block Internet adverts

Shareaza Turbo Accelerator English

Increase Shareaza's download speed

NetScream English

Improve your modem's speed with just one click

FastNet99 4.3 English

Increase the loading speed of the websites you visit

Netscape English

The best web browser from the past century

Mozilla Suite 1.7.13 English
Mozilla Suite 1.7.13

Everything you need to browse the Internet

Yandex.Disk 4.82.0 English

Store documents, photos, and videos on the cloud

BriskBard 1.6.2 English
BriskBard 1.6.2

The multifunction browser that brings together loads of tools

Google Backup and Sync English

Backups for your files on Google Drive and Google Photos

Speed Checker English

Check your PC's Internet connection 6.12.0 English

The CMS par excellence arrives on the desktop

Unfriend Notify Facebook 0.1 English

Find out who has unfriended you on Facebook

WireOver 110 Beta English
WireOver 110 Beta

Transfer files of any size

Bitcasa English

Your external hard drive on the cloud

BrandMyMail English

Customize your Gmail emails

Flare 1.7 English
Flare 1.7

Avoid Campfire disconnections

Volunia English

Search on the Internet with results on social networks

Complete Internet Repair English

Quick way to improve your Internet connection

Web to date 8.0 English

Create your own website

OldChromeRemover 0.5 English

Remove old versions of Chrome

SurDoc English

Store your important data on the cloud

Power Twitter 2.02 English

Find out what's behind the links posted on Twitter

BoostMachine English

Speed up your downloads with any BitTorrent client

Alfresco Community 6.0.7 English
Alfresco Community 6.0.7

Open source content management system

HamsterBox English

Store your files in the cloud

Facebook Phishing Protector 4.3.2 English

Protect your data from phishing on Facebook

DomainHostingView 1.81 English

Find out information and details about a domain

Toolbar Cleaner English
Toolbar Cleaner

A simple way to remove toolbars

MafiaaFire Redirector 0.9d English

Access blocked webpages

Stylish 3.1.8 English
Stylish 3.1.8

Customize the visual aspect of your favorite web pages

Saved Password Editor 2.7.1 English

Improve the Firefox password manager

Free Monitor for Google English

Improve your site's SEO positioning in Google

Print Edit 24.0 English

Customise the aspect of a web before printing it

Faceplus 1.17 English
Faceplus 1.17

Express yourself with emoticons on Facebook