Internet Software for Windows (Page 5)

All the applications you need to be able to improve your experience as an Internet user can be found in our collection of Internet software for PC

FlashMute 2.08 English
FlashMute 2.08

Mute the audio of your browser

GDocsDrive 3.1 English

Client for Google Docs

xCloud English

Share files between a PC and a mobile device

MEGA extension 1.0.3 English

Mega's official add-on for Firefox

MediaFire Express Beta English
MediaFire Express Beta

Access your MediaFire files very easily

Bitcasa English

Your external hard drive on the cloud

Cloudee 1.9.1 English
Cloudee 1.9.1

Store and share your videos online

MegaCloud English

Access all your files from different devices

Readable 0.8 English

Enjoy reading without distractions

imollo Beta English
imollo Beta

Share files with your friends

Zeta Uploader English
Zeta Uploader

Send large-sized files to your contacts

OpenDrive English

Store your data on the cloud

Amazon Cloud Drive English

Access Cloud Drive from your desktop

CloudDeck 0.4.2 English
CloudDeck 0.4.2

The music browser

SlickScreen English

Take advantage of high definition to browse

Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 English
Bitcoin Core 0.16.3

The official Bitcoin client to keep your coins on your PC

Dataprius 6.8 English

Save your files on the cloud

ShareMeNot 2.2 English

Protect your browsing from being tracked by social networks

Photobucket Uploader 1.3.3 English

Upload images from the Internet to your Photobucket profile

Screaming Frog SEO Spider 12.6 English

SEO auditing on all kinds of websites

Xenu 1.3.8 English
Xenu 1.3.8

Check the broken links of your web

Timeline Remove 1.5.2 English

Disable the new Facebook Timeline

Remove Temporarily 1.0.1 English

Change the aspect of a website

User Agent Switcher 0.2.4 English

Tool to switch the user agent used

My Weekly Browsing Schedule 0.8.0 English

Schedule the automatic opening of webpages

HTTPS Everywhere 2019.1.31 English
HTTPS Everywhere 2019.1.31

Browse in a more secure manner with the HTTPS protocol

Seo Panel 3.15.0 English
Seo Panel 3.15.0

A complete SEO control tool

BrandMyMail English

Customize your Gmail emails

Social Fixer 23.0.0 English
Social Fixer 23.0.0

Improve the functionalities of Facebook

Translate This! 2.0 English

Translator integrated into your browser

TuneTune 1.1 English

Download the audio of YouTube videos in MP3 format

Autofill Forms 0.1.0 English

Fill in forms automatically

Right Inbox 5.0.0 English

Schedule when to send emails in Gmail

CMS Made Simple 2.2.10 English

Create your personal blog on the Internet

Flare 1.7 English
Flare 1.7

Avoid Campfire disconnections

Volunia English

Search on the Internet with results on social networks

Complete Internet Repair English

Quick way to improve your Internet connection

Web to date 8.0 English

Create your own website

OldChromeRemover 0.5 English

Remove old versions of Chrome

Umbraco 4.8.0 English
Umbraco 4.8.0

Discover a new way to create a blog