Internet Software for Windows (Page 6)

All the applications you need to be able to improve your experience as an Internet user can be found in our collection of Internet software for PC

Max Internet Optimizer English

Improve your Internet speed up to 400%

Arora 0.11.0 English
Arora 0.11.0

Quick and lightweight browser based on Webkit

Ygoow 2.0 RC 8 English
Ygoow 2.0 RC 8

A simple and stable P2M client

ColorZilla 3.3 English

Discover the color code of a website

Xmarks 4.2.1 English
Xmarks 4.2.1

Synchronise Firefox bookmarks between different computers

Adblock Plus for Firefox 3.11.2 English

Block Internet adverts

Windows Live Toolbar 2009 English

Access all Windows Live services from this practical toolbar

NetScream English

Improve your modem's speed with just one click

Boxlicious 3.0 English

See links and tags on delicious directly from your desktop

Active WebTraffic 9.2.4 English

Place you website in all search engines

Windows Live Writer 2011 English

Create your own blog in the most simple way

Avant Browser 2018 build 7 English
Avant Browser 2018 build 7

Complete web browser that is incredibly fast

Google Toolbar Firefox 7.1.20110512W Beta English
Google Toolbar Firefox 7.1.20110512W Beta

Access Google's services from Firefox

Mozilla Suite 1.7.13 English
Mozilla Suite 1.7.13

Everything you need to browse the Internet

LeechBlock 0.9.7 English
LeechBlock 0.9.7

Block any web in Firefox

WireOver 110 Beta English
WireOver 110 Beta

Transfer files of any size

Extreme URL Generator English

Generate URL lists automatically

BitTorrent Surf 0.7.53 Beta English
BitTorrent Surf 0.7.53 Beta

Search for and download torrents from Firefox

MegaCloud English

Access all your files from different devices

Bitcoin Core 22.0 English
Bitcoin Core 22.0

The official Bitcoin client to keep your coins on your PC

Social Fixer 23.0.0 English
Social Fixer 23.0.0

Improve the functionalities of Facebook

Web to date 8.0 English

Create your own website

DomainHostingView 1.81 English

Find out information and details about a domain

gui:config 1.10.3 English
gui:config 1.10.3

Access Firefox's hidden options

Toolbar Cleaner English
Toolbar Cleaner

A simple way to remove toolbars

F.B. Purity 8.7.0 English

Choose what will be shown on your Facebook home page

Joukuu Lite English
Joukuu Lite

Easily access your files stored on the cloud

xGen SEO English
xGen SEO

Increase your website's traffic and improve its positioning

ImageFit 1.1.6 English
ImageFit 1.1.6

Improve how you view images in forums

MozillaCacheView 1.81 English

Know the contents of the cache folder of your browser

Saved Password Editor 2.7.1 English

Improve the Firefox password manager

Arado 0.2.1 English
Arado 0.2.1

The definitive bookmarker manager

easyComment 1.4 English

Make comments on your favourite blogs easily

Fizzik English

Web browser focused on social networks

X-Fusions Domain Checker 1.1 English

Check a possible domain for your website

JavaScript Debugger 0.9.89 English

JavaScript debugging environment

BuddyPress 7.3.0 English
BuddyPress 7.3.0

Create a social network on your WordPress blog

cFosSpeed 10.50 English
cFosSpeed 10.50

Monitor and give your broadband connection extra speed

Flagfox 6.1.50 English
Flagfox 6.1.50

Find out the location of a web server

Fireuploader 0.5 English

FTP vlient integrated into Firefox