Internet Software for Windows (Page 9)

All the applications you need to be able to improve your experience as an Internet user can be found in our collection of Internet software for PC

Toolbar Buttons 1.0 English

Add new shortcuts to Firefox

Fizzik English

Web browser focused on social networks

Utilu IE Collection English

Test your website in the majority of versions of Internet Explorer

Bubbles 1.93a English
Bubbles 1.93a

Use web services as if they were desktop applications

WebMail for Thunderbird 1.5.1 English

Use Thunderbird to manage your webmail

My Image Here 1.2 English

Replace the images of a website with local images

Active Link Exchange ES 1.65 English

Makes it easier to exchange links so as to place your Web better

Twitbin 3.3.5 English
Twitbin 3.3.5

Twitter client integrated into Firefox

Context Font 0.6 English

Identify the fonts of any website

Pronounce 1.4 English

Improve your pronunciation of English words

Rank Tracker 8.23.20 English
Rank Tracker 8.23.20

Find out if your website is well-positioned on search engines

e107 2.1.9 English
e107 2.1.9

Powerful open source CMS

Real Madrid FC Toolbar English

The browser toolbar that all Real Madrid fans need

X-Fusions Domain Checker 1.1 English

Check a possible domain for your website

P2PTurbo 1 English

Improve the performance of your file sharing programs

Transmute 2.70 English
Transmute 2.70

Copy your favorites from one browser to another

Massive Extender 1.2.1 English

Add new functions to Add-on Collector

Simple Machines Forum 2.0.17 English

Create and manage your own Internet forum

Greasefire 1.0.8 English
Greasefire 1.0.8

Find and download scripts for Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey 4.7 English

Download scripts to modify any web page

Google Analytics Air 0.45 Beta 2 English

Work with Google Analytics on your desktop

Whois English

Find out information about any domain

Metal Lion Vista 3.8.8 English

Firefox with the graphical interface of Windows Vista

Zyncro English

Send, store and synchronize files with this online hard drive

BigBrowser 0.1 English

A multiscreen browser

FireShot English

Take screen captures from Firefox

BuddyPress 4.2.0 English
BuddyPress 4.2.0

Create a social network on your WordPress blog

cFosSpeed 10.50 English
cFosSpeed 10.50

Monitor and give your broadband connection extra speed

YouSendIt Express English
YouSendIt Express

Share and store your files on the Internet as if you were sending an email

App Tabs 0.6.2 English
App Tabs 0.6.2

Make you Firefox tabs occupy a lot less space

SDExplorer 3.1 English

Access your SkyDrive space directly from the Windows explorer

Flagfox 6.1.14 English
Flagfox 6.1.14

Find out the location of a web server

Mailbox Alert 0.18.0 English

Brilliant alert system for Thuderbird

Drupal 9.0.1 English
Drupal 9.0.1

Manage the publications of your web page

Fireuploader 0.5 English

FTP vlient integrated into Firefox

Bookmark Duplicate Detector 1.0.7 English

Eliminate you duplicate bookmarks from your favorite browser

blogBuddy 0.5 English

Publish your blog with this desktop client

Google Icon 1.11 English

Show the web's icon in Google's results

Ie8Fox 1.6 English
Ie8Fox 1.6

Transform Firefox into Internet Explorer 8

Kazaa Acceleration Patch 7.0.0 English

The tool that increases the download speed of Kazaa